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November 2023 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

Now in its 8th year of publication, Metrology News expresses gratitude to the many readers for their generous Linkedin anniversary messages in recent weeks. Metrology News and its editorial staff have now reached over 30,000 Linkedin followers.

November marked another highly active news month, featuring numerous announcements of industry partnerships, strategic alliances, and acquisitions. As the integration of artificial intelligence into manufacturing technology gains momentum, companies are increasingly blending their technologies to keep up with the accelerating pace of the industry. Global metrology equipment companies are also strategically aligning themselves to enhance product portfolios through partnerships, expanding product ranges and targeting forecast areas of market growth. We also reported on many of the successful funding rounds associated with start-ups and emerging technologies companies as they strive to bring their advanced solutions to market.

Partnerships in business provide various benefits and can contribute to the overall strategic success of a company. Partnerships synergies include shared resources and expertise, risk sharing, speed to market, cost savings, access to new markets, enhanced credibility and more. The current dynamics of the metrology technology sector clearly provides evidence of the pace at which companies are moving as they focus on ‘first to market’ and strive for ‘the next big thing’. We look forward to 2024 and what promises to be another bumper year for new product introductions and innovations.

The significance of metrology technology in the emerging field of additive manufacturing was prominently showcased at this month’s Formnext exhibition in Germany. The event highlighted the latest advancements in 3D Printing and Metal Additive Manufacturing, underscoring the industry’s shift from rapid prototyping to volume production. The emphasis focussed on ensuring consistency in the quality and performance of printed products, reflecting the evolving landscape of manufacturing technologies. We reported on many of developments announced at the exhibition.

This month featured stories included: “A Closer Look at AI Machine Vision in Manufacturing”, “Advancing Quality Control – Transformative Impact of Closed-Loop Manufacturing”, “There’s a Sensor for That – Revolutionizing Manufacturing With Sensing Technologies”. This month’s newsletter highlights twenty-six of our more than 100 published stories including many of the partnerships and strategic alliances announcements – the complete library of November articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

98 Laser Line FreeScan Trio Portable 3D Scanner Launched

SHINING 3D has introduced the FreeScan Trio, the latest addition to its high-end range of 3D scanning solutions. The FreeScan Trio has been introduced at Formnext, the leading exhibition for Additive Manufacturing and related processes. Following the successful debut of the FreeScan Combo earlier this year, as well as the company’s recent ISO:17025 accreditation … read more

Laser Scanner Offers Large Part Measurement Productivity

Following excellent reception for the Kreon Zephyr III 50 and Zephyr III 150 laser scanners, the Zephyr III 300 has been launched adding to the Zephyr III range bringing unprecedented productivity to Coordinate Measuring Machines with its wide 300mm laser line. Alongside the accuracy-focused Zephyr III 50, the agile Zephyr III 150, the fast Zephyr III 300 provides an answer to all … read more

Software Ecosystem For Measurement and Quality Assurance Released

With the release of the new ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software, ZEISS offers its Industrial Quality Solutions customers numerous new functions. ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D is the solution for the inspection and evaluation of 3D measurement data. With this release, data acquisition is further accelerated and evaluation functions are further improved. The new Autosurfacing app automatically converts scan data … read more

Nikon Expands X-ray CT Range With Introduction of VOXLS 30 Series

Nikon’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU) has launched three new models in its VOXLS range of X-ray computed tomography (CT) systems for non-destructive inspection. The 30 Series fills a specific need in the industry for users looking for an automation-ready system with the versatility to meet a wide range of industrial applications … read more

Automated Desktop Small Part 3D Scanner Offers 5-Micron Accuracy

Artec 3D has announced the new 3D scanner Micro II. The professional, high-accuracy desktop scanner, designed for the digitization of tiny to small objects, is ideal for use in a range of industries and applications where a stringent level of precision is essential – reverse engineering of small parts, quality inspection, forensics, jewelry, and dentistry … read more

Optical 3D Scanning Aids Launched to Enhance Precise Measurements

At the Formnext exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany  scanning specialist AESUB 3D has launched two new products to aid optical 3D scanning applications. Precise Measurements With Magnetic Dodecahedra The new AESUB Dices enhance optical measuring processes and offer numerous advantages for precise measurements. The faces of the dice are never symmetrical which allows for continuous measurements from five different angles … read more

Smart Camera Vision System Offers Built-in AI

KEYENCE recently announced the launch of a new smart camera vision system line, the VS Series. The VS Series incorporates advanced lens control technology, effectively managing 19 lenses within an IP67 smart camera. The innovation eliminates the need for manual lens selection or physical adjustments, thus empowering a single camera model to seamlessly adapt to various imaging requirements with the click of a button … read more

Aberlink’s Fulcrum CMM now Measures in Full 3D

The Aberlink Fulcrum CMM, initially introduced in early 2023 with a vertical stylus configuration, has established itself as the natural progression in metrology capability beyond a 2D height gauge. Early adopters of the Fulcrum CMM have attested to its user-friendliness when deployed on the shop floor as a manual CMM, enabling them to efficiently inspect machined parts … read more

New GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition Unveiled

GelSight has announced the debut of GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition, a new, ruggedized version of the GelSight Mobile system, designed to perform in the most demanding environments, from production lines to the field. GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition delivers the same high resolution 3D surface capabilities as GelSight Mobile in a more robust, and vivid design … read more

Mahr Introduces New Portable Surface Measuring Instrument

Mahr has introduced the new MarSurf M 410 mobile surface measurement instrument. The MarSurf M 410 uses a skidless probe system designed for both laboratory and production environments that makes recording and evaluating measurement data easier, more precise, and more versatile. The portable M 410 introduces features that were previously only available … read more

Mitutoyo Launches Ultra High Accuracy ‘Artisan’ CMM

Mitutoyo Japan has announced the release of the LEGEX Takumi model ultra high accuracy coordinate measuring machine. The LEGEX Takumi not only analyzes and eliminates error factors from conventional models, but also utilizes ultra-high precision lapping technology and finishing technology cultivated through the ‘Takumi Meister System’ to achieve a maximum allowable … read more

A Closer Look at AI Machine Vision in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries by enabling machines to perform tasks that were once solely the domain of humans. One such application is AI machine vision, a technology that empowers machines to ‘see’ and understand their surroundings. Machine vision is the field of AI that enables machines to ‘see’ and understand their surroundings … read more

Advancing Quality Control – Transformative Impact of Closed-Loop Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, the pursuit of impeccable product quality is a cornerstone for sustainable success. One revolutionary approach that is reshaping the contours of quality control is Closed-Loop Manufacturing (CLM). This sophisticated system, built on the continuous exchange of data throughout the production process, holds the potential to redefine and elevate … read more

“There’s a Sensor for That” – Revolutionizing Manufacturing With Sensing Technologies

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, precision, efficiency, and quality are paramount. Today, these goals are being achieved with unprecedented accuracy and speed, thanks to the ever-evolving world of sensors. From the shop floor to the supply chain, sensors are transforming the manufacturing landscape, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions … read more

TARUS and WENZEL Group Announce Clay Milling Cooperation

WENZEL Group and TARUS Products have announced a cooperation agreement for a development and sales and service partnership. This is intended to further expand the successes achieved to date in the field of clay milling for design and styling solutions by both companies. “With this partnership, we are expanding our clay machine series, with two more very powerful milling machines … read more

Mitutoyo Industrial X-Ray Strategic Collaboration Announced

Mitutoyo Europe has announced an innovative collaboration with RX Solutions, a pioneering French manufacturer of Industrial X-ray CT Scanning Systems. Mitutoyo’s unparalleled expertise in precision measurement combined with RX Solutions’ cutting-edge X-ray imaging technology promises to revolutionize industrial inspections across various sectors … read more

Partnership to Advance Embedded Vision to the Market

Aetina Europe, a leading AI solution provider, and STEMMER IMAGING, a leading international partner for machine vision technology, have announced their ecosystem partnership aimed at delivering cutting-edge embedded vision solutions to the market. This strategic technological collaboration harnesses the combined expertise of both organizations to deliver customers the most advanced and innovative technology solutions available … read more

Nikon Announces Investment in Ai Build Software

Nikon Corporation has announced an investment in UK based Ai Build Limited which specializes in 3D printing software, through the Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund. This investment will expand the range of value delivered to customers in additive manufacturing (AM) and accelerate Nikon’s business expansion. Ai Build raised $8.5 million in the Series A round led with participation from Nikon  … read more

Sandvik Invests In AI-Based Closed Loop Manufacturing Software Company

Sandvik recently announced it is acquiring a minority stake in the privately owned German company up2parts, a closed loop manufacturing software start-up with the aim of commercializing software that optimize manufacturing processes. up2parts is a German start-up supporting enterprises with AI-based software solutions for autonomous and sustainable manufacturing … read more

Waygate Teams Up With Microscope Manufacturer For Quality Inspection

Baker Hughes’ Waygate Technologies business has joined forces with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in serving science, to provide customers access to complementary products offered by the two companies for research and quality monitoring in the battery industry, life and material sciences and other industries on international level … read more

Siemens and Microsoft Partner Driving Cross-Industry AI Adoption

Microsoft and Siemens are deepening their partnership by bringing the benefits of generative AI to industries worldwide. As a first step, the companies are introducing Siemens Industrial Copilot, an AI-powered jointly developed assistant aimed at improving human-machine collaboration in manufacturing. In addition, the launch of the integration between Siemens Teamcenter software … read more

3D Infotech Announce Alliance With Dassault Systèmes Americas

3D Infotech, a leading provider of 3D Universal Metrology Automation (UMA) has announced a new partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company. Together they will create sustainable products and services leveraging the virtual twin to connect the real and virtual worlds. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information in the real world … read more

Collaboration To Drive Artificial Intelligence To The Industrial Edge

Amid the rapidly evolving landscape of AI applications, not only has generative AI become a popular method for content creation, but edge AI has turned into the main force in driving transformation across industries by addressing critical pain points. Envisioning a promising future for edge AI, Aetina, a supplier of … read more

Acquisition To Bring Smart Sensing To Smart Manufacturing Globally

Oxford Metrics, the smart sensing software company, servicing life sciences, entertainment and engineering markets, has announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Industrial Vision Systems (IVS), specialists in developing machine vision software and technology for high precision, automated quality control systems used across numerous industries … read more

Optimising Cutting Tool Quality With 3D Measuring Solution

Among its many activities, the Challenge-S Group produces cutting tools on press to deburr aluminium castings. The manufacturing of these tools is complex, calling for use of the Kreon measuring arm at several stages of the process. Sometimes, around a hundred parts are assembled to make these cutting tools. When these parts are machined, a check is carried out directly on the machine … read more

Electrifying The Future With 3D Scanning Technologies

Nexans is leading the charge to the new world of electrification. The group is a leader in designing and manufacturing cable systems and services across several business areas, including energy generation & transmission, distribution & usages, industry & solution projects, harnesses and telecom infra. The company continuously develops innovative services and solutions … read more


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