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New GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition Unveiled

GelSight has announced the debut of GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition, a new, ruggedized version of the GelSight Mobile system, designed to perform in the most demanding environments, from production lines to the field. GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition delivers the same high resolution 3D surface capabilities as GelSight Mobile in a more robust, and vivid, design.

Engineers, line workers, and field teams operating in harsh environments now have a metrology device with a critical trifecta of benefits: rugged, portable, and digital. GelSight’s newly launched metrology device, GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition’s features include:

➤ Shock Protection: Built-in shock protection due to a new ruggedized system design.

➤ Tough Casing: Defense against the unavoidable bumps and scrapes that occur in manufacturing, maintenance, and repair lines and remote environments.

➤ Slip Resistant Grip: Oil, water, and sweat resistant silicone sleeve and wristband improve retention and reduce likelihood that system, or products, under test are damaged through drops.

➤ High Visibility Color: Safety orange inspired color ensures the system is easier to locate in low light environments.

GelSight Mobile offers a superhuman touch sensor with micron-level resolution that provides metrologists and inspectors with data-driven insights on surface characteristics that allow them to make more informed decisions. GelSight’s easy-to-use system allows users to be quickly trained to make highly repeatable measurements right at the site of the component.

GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Editionoffers the same benefits as GelSight Mobile, including instant, high resolution and high precision 3D measurements and analyses. The ruggedized device is built for many environments, supporting versatile applications and is compatible with any surface, material, and environmental lighting conditions. GelSight Mobile products are portable and do not require controlled lab conditions, special adaptors, or internet access, all of which are particularly critical needs in the field.

“Portability and performance have brought GelSight Mobile devices to the metrology lab and production lines for years. GelSight continues to focus on improving field installations, quality inspection workflows, MRO operations, and more for our customers. With the introduction of GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition, our customers now have a groundbreaking tool that combines robust, micron-scale repeatable 2D and 3D surface analysis capabilities at their fingertips,” said Dennis Lang, Chief Business Officer at GelSight. “Purpose-built for harsh conditions, GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition now empowers engineers nearly everywhere with tough, high precision metrology tools.”

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