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Computer Tomography Use In Plastic Gear Metrology Evaluation

Industrial computed tomography (CT) has been firmly established in dimensional metrology for several years now. It is often the only way to check the geometric tolerance of components, particularly when determining complex geometries that are not accessible by other optical or tactile methods. A major advantage of the technology is that, in addition to the geometric inspection, the material of the component can also be checked for defects in order to avoid component failures.

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Optimizing Battery Production With Inline CT Technology

If CT is integrated into the production process at an early stage, it can generally spot defects at a point when discarding rejects is less painful. Moreover, it can also be used to identify which production parameters have led to which quality defects – preventing rejects from occurring in the first place. This works by combining 3D scans of the batteries with neural networks that have been trained on the production parameter data using machine learning.

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