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New Series of Portable Digital X-Ray Detectors Launched

DÜRR NDT has launched a new Series of Portable Digital X-Ray Detectors. The basic spatial resolution (SRb) is at the highest possible: 80 µm for the small and medium detectors and 100 µm for the bendable and large detectors. Due to weights ranging from 2 to 6 kg, the detectors are among the lightest in their class and are easy to handle.

Further advantages of the D-DR series are long battery runtime, hot-swap functionality and IP 67 protection class. In addition to wireless operation, all detectors can also be operated by wired data transmission and power supply.

The D-DR 1025B detector has an innovative bending mechanism and due to its high resolution is perfectly suited for testing circumferential weld seams in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17636-2 (Class B).

Thanks to the integrated shielding, the detectors are suitable for X-ray sources up to 450 kV and depending on the model, for gamma sources, with a maximum frame time of 180 seconds.

Like all digital X-ray systems from DÜRR NDT, the D-DR detectors are used with the proven D-Tect X inspection software. Special functions such as multi-gain calibration ensure the highest possible image quality. Powerful and intelligent tools, such as one-click wall thickness analysis and image optimization filters, make image evaluation simple and efficient.

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