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New Mahr Digital Height Gauge Measures Right Where The Action Is

Measuring close to production: This is what the new Digimar 816 CLT with optimized mechanics for rough everyday production stands for. The new addition to the Mahr height measuring devices scores with outstanding measuring accuracy and is extremely easy to operate thanks to its touch display.

The extra-large buttons on the touch display make it easy for users to recognize and operate and lead directly to the measurement and evaluation functions. This means that measurements, setting and calculation functions can be carried out safely at all times and measurement programs can be created via drag & drop. Ergonomic handles on both sides with an integrated operating button for the air bearing ensure precise and effortless movement of the device on the measuring plate.

The Digimar 816 CLT has a variety of interfaces for saving measurement data. Data can be transferred wirelessly or by cable via the MarConnect duplex interface. The latter also allows the transmission of a measuring equipment ID to ensure the traceability of measurement results. In addition, an interface integrated in the slide enables error-free measurement of squareness and straightness in conjunction with the Millimess 2000/2001 W digital precision indicators.

Want to quickly print out a series of measurements? The Bluetooth printer takes care of that. For measurement reports, users can choose between complete measurement reports in PDF format or saving as a TXT file. The device creates a finished PDF file directly without the need for separate software or a detour via the computer. The PDF files can be filled with information directly on the device.

Compared to its ‘big brother’, the Digimar 817 CLT, the Digimar 816 CLT concentrates on practical functions without sacrificing extensive evaluation options.

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