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Empowering The Digital Machine Shop at IMTS 2024

At the upcoming IMTS 2024 in Chicago, September 9–14, Siemens will present its extensive machine tool CNC portfolio and digitalization software technology, highlighted by the digital native SINUMERIK ONE control platform for machining applications.  Also, using a sports theme of ‘Speed, Agility and Endurance,’ aimed at the machine shop on its path to digitalization, Siemens will introduce MACHINUM to the North American market.  MACHINUM brings together machine tool controls, digitalization software and machine shop services from Siemens to help manufacturers optimize their production processes, to provide agility for quick adaptation to changing customer requirements and calculated uptime needs, plus enable digitally proven endurance to maximize the productivity of the entire machine shop or production department.

Detailing the elements of MACHINUM:

The entire manufacturing floor can be simulated and managed by the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio

Speed: Siemens adaptive feedrate control reduces cycle times, while maintaining a stable machining process. This results from instantaneous and continuous analysis of the current cutting conditions on a machine tool in real time, automatically optimizing the feedrate.

Agility: Through strategic digitalization and software that seamlessly integrates the machine tool CNC systems and a shop’s internal communications, MACHINUM can significantly boost the agility of a machine shop or production department to accommodate changes in design, quantity output and even machining characteristics, based upon customer input and overall production and workflow landscape characteristics.

Endurance: Continuing the sports theme, over the long “run”, MACHINUM enables a heightened level of maintenance capability with leading ‘edge’ machine monitoring that anticipates potential issues before they escalate. This results in reduced cost and substantially less downtime on machines, due to unplanned maintenance.  This feature is especially useful for linked and sequential production lines.

MACHINUM also offers substantial benefits to machine builders, as Siemens integrated digital twin technology allows more streamlined off-machine programming and machining simulation in an office environment. This approach facilitates faster prep time, more accurate design specs on the final machine, faster component acquisition near the build time and a reduction in costly downtime, due to last-minute design changes, as those are anticipated, simulated and resolved, all in a virtual world. MACHINUM also represents the integration of existing Siemens digitalization software such as Create MyVirtual Machine, Run MyVirtual Machine, Adaptive Control and Monitoring (ACM), Analyze MyWorkpiece and Manage MyMachines.

Under the theme ‘Empowering the Digital Machine Shop’, Siemens will display its digital threads, from blueprint to finished part, digital twin to simulation, part production, as well as the total integration of these processes into the digital factory for job shops and production departments, all brought to life by Siemens hardware automation and digitalization software.

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