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High Speed Inspection System Selected by Swedish Bolt Maker

General Inspection recently installed a Gi-360T high-speed automotive bolt inspection system in Sweden. The Gi-360T is equipped with multiple lasers, cameras, as well as Eddy-Current to provide complete dimensional inspection, damage detection, cracked heads, and presence of heat-treatment for a full range of automotive bolts (up to 35mm diameter and up to 150mm total length).

Dimensional Inspection: The Gi-360T comes standard with multiple lasers to measure profile features (360 degrees) including threads, lengths, diameters, straightness, and angles. Parts are measured to print specifications through Gi’s user friendly software, each dimension is saved and recalled by part number for fast part to part changeover.

Defect Detection: In addition to dimensional inspection, the Gi-360T laser technology detects damaged threads, rifled hex, and bent parts. The system is also equipped with 2- cameras; one to detect cracks, and the other to detect defective recesses (chipped punch).  The cameras are each equipped with advanced lighting, custom optics, and unique software algorithms developed by Gi for easy programming.

Eddy-Vision Screenshot

Gi’s Eddy-Current system is used to detect the presence of heat-treatment. The completely digital system comes with adjustable frequencies, a complex impedance plane set-up for quick programming and set-up storage, and auto-balancing Eddy-Current coils.

After searching the world for an inspection system with complete dimensional inspection, visual defect detection capabilities, and Eddy-Current for detecting the presence of heat-treatment, the Swedish bolt manufacturer selected the General Inspection Gi-360T. Defect detection, flexibility, and inspection rates (up to 300 parts per minute) were the deciding factors.

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