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WFL Health Check Ensures Optimal Performance Through Checking Machine Geometry

The WFL Health check ensures optimal performance through checking the machine geometry. With semi-automatic measurement and measurement data logging, the system offers an efficient solution that can be used on all MILLTURNs achieving maximum precision and productivity for the manufacturing processes.

With the latest tool called myWFL Health Check, the machine geometry is checked by semi-automatic measurement of the milling spindle and tailstock as well as the main and counter spindle. The software also includes cycles and test equipment for measuring and logging the geometry. The myWFL Health Check can be used and retrofitted on all machine types and controls, regardless of whether the machine is equipped with different special options. The entire programme takes about 25 minutes. Long-term trends can be identified due to the integrated measurement data logging.

myWFL Health Check Steps

First, the roundness and alignment of the milling spindle is measured with a test mandrel in the milling spindle. This is done with different B-axis angles and different clamping states (milling spindle clamped / unclamped, B-axis clamped / unclamped, …) The repeat accuracy of the measuring probe is then checked using the calibration ring. Next, the machine zero point is checked in the X and Y directions. The machine operator must then clamp a short shaft in the chuck to check the alignment of the headstock. In the last step, the operator clamps a long workpiece between the chuck and tailstock / counter spindle, after which the position of the tailstock / counter spindle is automatically measured in relation to the main spindle. All measurement results are stored in a measurement database and can be compared with previous measurement results.

Depending on the machine version, the Health Check program saves up to 57 measuring points in the measurement data log.

Checking Machine

The biggest advantage is the simple and regular inspection to check the machine geometry. Intervals of at least once a month are advantageous here. The timely detection of worn machine components means that repairs and maintenance work can be initiated at an early stage. This in turn saves costs and time.

And, of course, the myWFL Health Check should be carried out after every collision to see where and which parts are broken. This saves time when repairing the machine after a crash, as it is possible to immediately identify which machine components are damaged and to check whether the machine geometry is correct. Without the Health Check, checking the machine geometry is a very time-consuming process that can take several hours.

Machine Efficiency Increased

In principle, the Health Check can offer a great advantage and added value for all WFL customers, regardless of their industry. The myWFL Health Check is most effective for valuable components to produce no scrap parts. The health check should be carried out before production so that rejects can be prevented and none are produced. This point is also the main benefit for WFL customer. With the myWFL Health Check, it is unlikely that rejects will be produced, which means lower production costs.

The machine geometry is checked by semi-automatically measuring the milling spindle and tailstock as well as the main and counter spindles.

To summarize, the myWFL Health Check is a quick check of the machine geometry in just a few minutes. It is a simple method to avoid scrap parts, it includes both the necessary hardware and software and thanks to the integrated measurement data logging, long-term trends can be identified. The complete health check cycle is a quick but very efficient affair and takes about 25 minutes.

The myWFL Health Check can be used and retrofitted on all machine types and control systems.

In addition to the myWFL Health Check, there is also the myWFL Cockpit. This is an operating data acquisition system that displays the machine status (e.g. productive, available or fault), performance (productivity and availability), operating modes and override positions over time. Operating hours, channel status, active NC program, active tool and program runtime are also displayed. myWFL Energy is a possible extension of myWFL Cockpit with a multifunctional energy consumption meter for the power and compressed air consumption of the entire machine. This allows the current power and energy consumption data to be determined and displayed over time, as well as the energy consumption per workpiece. And with the option of an integrated condition monitoring cycle, significant changes between the new condition and the current condition can be checked.

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