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May 2024 Metrology News Magazine

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This month’s editorial focussed on Big Data, a pivotal force driving the evolution of smart manufacturing. Big Data, characterized by vast volumes of information generated at high velocity from a variety of sources, is becoming the cornerstone of manufacturing. In smart manufacturing, the integration of Big Data with metrology enables manufacturers to achieve levels of accuracy and quality control that were previously unattainable. This synergy is transforming production lines, product quality, and operational workflows, paving the way for a new era of industrial excellence.

At the heart of this transformation is the concept of the smart factory, where interconnected machines, sensors, and systems communicate and collaborate in real-time generating an immense amount of data. The challenge lies not just in collecting this data, but in analyzing it effectively to extract meaningful insights. Here, Big Data analytics comes into play, offering powerful tools to process and interpret complex datasets.

Metrology plays a crucial role in ensuring that measurements are precise and consistent across the production process. By leveraging Big Data, manufacturers can enhance their metrological practices. Real-time data analysis can detect deviations in production parameters, allowing for immediate adjustments and ensuring that products meet stringent quality standards. One of the most significant benefits of Big Data in metrology is the ability to implement closed-loop quality control systems using continuous feedback from various stages of production to dynamically adjust processes, reducing variability and improving product uniformity.

The application of machine learning and artificial intelligence within Big Data analytics opens new frontiers for metrology. AI algorithms can identify patterns and anomalies in data that might be invisible to human analysts, providing deeper insights into the manufacturing process.

This month’s featured articles included Scaling 3D Measurement Data Usage To Improve Quality“, “Harnessing Big Data: Transforming Smart Manufacturing With Data-Driven Culture“, “New Maintenance Horizons in a World of AI and Big Data“, “Unveiling Power of Smart Data – Transforming Manufacturing Through Precision Metrology“, ” Synergizing Big Data With Closed-Loop Manufacturing“. This month also saw the exhibition season get into full swing with many new product launches featured in Metrology News.

You can access the full library of May Metrology News articles by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Scaling 3D Measurement Data Usage To Improve Quality

After the recent unveiling of Polyworks 2024, Metrology News sat down with Marc Soucy, President of Innovmetric, developer of the Polyworks software platform. The interview delved into how the widespread adoption of 3D measurement data can enhance manufacturing quality and emphasized the pivotal role of the digital thread in ensuring universal access across enterprises … read more

Wireless Scan Integration Redefines In-Process Metrology

Nikon IMBU (Industrial Metrology Business Unit) and Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) have announced the successful integration of Nikon’s LC15Dx wireless non-contact laser scanner with AAT3D’s CAPPSNC on-machine metrology software. This innovative combination enables the seamless integration of non-contact inspection within the machine tool envelope … read more

Harnessing Big Data: Transforming Smart Manufacturing With Data-Driven Culture

In the dynamic landscape of next generation manufacturing, the integration of advanced technologies has revolutionized traditional production processes. Among these innovations, Big Data stands out as a catalyst for change, reshaping the way factories operate and paving the path towards a more efficient and responsive manufacturing processes … read more

Could Generative AI Become a Transformative Force in Industrial Metrology?

In the realm of industrial metrology, where precision and accuracy are paramount, the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionize traditional measurement techniques and processes. Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence, holds the potential to transform the way measurements are made, analyzed, and utilized in manufacturing environments … read more

The Transformative Impact of AI on Quality Control

Eleven Dynamics AG, is pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the realm of quality control. While AI’s application in highly precise dimensional metrology remains nascent, its influence in enhancing visual inspection processes is undeniable. This blog post by Eleven Dynamics explores how AI technologies are not just complementing, but revolutionizing quality control methods … read more

Synergizing Big Data With Closed-Loop Manufacturing

Big Data and closed-loop manufacturing are two complementary concepts that seamlessly integrate to enhance operational efficiency, quality control, and sustainability within manufacturing processes. How do these two concepts merge in the digital transformation of manufacturing? Big Data refers to the vast volume of structured and unstructured data … read more

‘No Code’ Programming – Advancing CMM Productivity

In the realm of precision manufacturing and quality control, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) play a crucial role in ensuring component dimensional accuracy. Recent advancements in CAD-integrated metrology software have significantly improved the process of CMM programming, where these machines are instructed to measure parts automatically. Despite these advancements … read more

Leveraging Active Learning For Visual Inspection

In the rapidly evolving field of AI, the quest for more accurate and efficient models is unending. One promising approach that has gained significant traction is active learning. In this article, Miron Shtiglitz, director of product management at AI for visual inspection specialist QualiSense, explores how active learning can be can be a game changer in the field of quality inspection … read more

New Maintenance Horizons in a World of AI and Big Data

The key difference between preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance is that the latter means completing maintenance only when needed, as opposed to scheduled intervals. With I4.0, manufacturing data allows to gradually replace preventive maintenance with predictive maintenance, but can we go further than this? A future where inspection data not only underpins maintenance … read more

Cognitive Robotics Transforming Future of Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, technological advancements continually reshape the industry’s capabilities. One such innovation making significant strides is cognitive robotics. These intelligent systems blend robotics with cognitive computing, enabling machines to perceive, learn, reason, and interact with their environments autonomously … read more

Unveiling Power of Smart Data – Transforming Manufacturing Through Precision Metrology

In the era of Industry 4.0, where data reigns supreme, the concept of ‘smart data’ has emerged as a beacon of efficiency and insight. As manufacturers navigate through a sea of information generated by their operations, the ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence has become paramount. The profound impact of smart data in precision metrology illuminate how this shift  … read more

Siemens Unveils Industrial Copilot Set To Revolutionize Engineering with Generative AI

Generative AI is gaining momentum across industries and at the recent Hannover Fair event, Siemens presented the first generative artificial intelligence (AI) product for engineering in an industrial environment. The Siemens Industrial Copilot, the generative AI-powered assistant, is now seamlessly connected to the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal enabling engineering … read more

Mobile Laser Scanning Robot Automates Large Object Measurement

Together with the manufacturer of high-precision laser scanners API and the professional for automated measurement data acquisition Eleven Dynamics Neobotix GmbH has developed a robot for the automatic scanning of large objects. The measurement data of the laser scanner are evaluated together with the exact localization of the robot and the result is a complete measurement … read more

3D CMM Scanning Added To Optical Shaft Measurement Machine

SYLVAC recently unveiled the integration of the Renishaw SP25M tactile 3D scanning probe into its SYLVAC-SCAN S145 optical measurement machine. This upgrade enhances the machine’s capabilities, providing a multi-sensor solution that detects features beyond optical reach. Specifically designed for measuring holes and slots in cylindrical components, the enhanced system is … read more

Solutions For Efficient and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

There is a high demand for AI solutions in industrial applications. These solutions need to be efficient, trustworthy and secure in order to be used in series production or quality control.. However, the new possibilities opened up by generative AI also raises questions. Can users rely on what a chatbot says? How can vulnerabilities in an AI model be detected early on … read more

Self-Learning In-Process Quality Control For High-Precision Machining

The SonicShark system from Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH is used for inline quality control and process monitoring during milling processes. In cooperation with nebumind an extension of the system was implemented. The previously purely visual quality control of a worker is expanded into an automated, self-learning monitoring. With each captured workpiece, the extended … read more

Digital Automation and Artificial Intelligence Maximize Production Productivity

Festo is setting new standards in process optimization on the shopfloor: By using AI and other smart software solutions, Festo enables its customers to achieve maximum flexibility and increased efficiency in their production processes. A significant increase in overall system effectiveness has already been demonstrated in many projects … read more

TERASCOPE Revolutionizes Automated Multilayer Thickness Measurement

The TERASCOPE innovative measuring system for fully automated multilayer coating thickness measurement and material analysis can be used in a wide range of applications and takes quality assurance to a new level in numerous industries such as automotive, aerospace, semiconductors, extrusion of plastic and many others. The TERASCOPE enables non-destructive and … read more

KonnectAi Leverages Google Cloud to Launch AI Quality Inspection Tool

KonnectAi, a AI visual inspection systems supplier has recently announced its collaboration with Google Cloud, officially launching its AI-powered quality inspection platform for manufacturers. KonnectAi will help manufacturers optimize quality inspection and ensure product traceability so they can increase efficiency and scale their businesses. With just a simple snap of a picture … read more

Scanning Sensor Offers Small Field of View For Electronics Industry

In the semiconductor industry, it is the smallest details that make the difference between success and failure. With its new 3D sensor from the recently developed XCS series, Automation Technology (AT) is launching a product onto the market that is a real game changer, especially for high-performance applications in the electronics industry … read more

ZEISS Launch Microscope and CMM Combined Single Solution

The new ZEISS O-INSPECT duo offers two technologies in one machine allowing large workpieces such as PCBs, fuel cells or batteries to be both measured and inspected in high resolution in their entirety. The combination of 3D measurement technology and microscopic inspection increases efficiency and saves space in quality laboratories and is available in the size 8/6/3 … read more

Zebra Unveils New Solutions Advancing The Connected Factory

Zebra Technologies, has announced new solutions to further enable manufacturers to boost visibility, optimize quality and augment the workforce to operate as a connected factory. Manufacturers today are challenged with increasing productivity amid labor shortages. At the same time, they are managing cultural transformation and converging information and operational technology (IT/OT) … read more

AI-Assisted Solution Inspects Implant Coatings Automatically

Smith+Nephew is a London-based medical technology group specializing in bone and tissue reconstruction, wound healing and joint replacement. At the site in Aarau, Switzerland, hip shaft prostheses are coated, among other things. An AI-supported software solution in combination with the ZEISS Axio Imager Z2m light microscope is used for quality inspection … read more

Embracing AI-Driven Advanced Metrology Processes

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, the integration of advanced metrology technologies is revolutionizing the way inspections and defect analysis are conducted. Vision systems, when combined with machine learning algorithms, are enabling operations to inspect and monitor products or processes with unprecedented speed and accuracy … read more


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