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KonnectAi Leverages Google Cloud to Launch AI Quality Inspection Tool

KonnectAi, a AI visual inspection systems supplier has recently announced its collaboration with Google Cloud, officially launching its AI-powered quality inspection platform for manufacturers. KonnectAi will help manufacturers optimize quality inspection and ensure product traceability so they can increase efficiency and scale their businesses.

With just a simple snap of a picture, without the requirement for CAD or specifications, KonnectAi’s advanced system augments existing quality inspection processes, ensuring that products and processes meet the highest safety and quality standards. KonnectAI leverages Google Cloud’s industry-leading development platform to deliver a revolutionary AI quality-analysis system for manufacturers. A powerful visual inspection engine containerized with Cloud Run, data analytics powered by BigQuery, and Google’s state-of-the-art global network and Cloud CDN combine to ensure manufacturers can confidently stand behind their product portfolios and grow while limiting risk.

“Our mission is to provide manufacturers of all shapes and sizes with simple, easy-to-use technology so they can grow without compromise and evolve using AI on their own terms,” said Jarred Knecht, President of KonnectAi. “Now companies of all sizes can have a transformative edge in the market without complexity, cost, and resource requirements that are typically associated with large-scale technology implementations. This is the power of AI as it applies to manufacturing, and by using AI for something like quality inspection, this is a first step for manufacturers to introduce AI to their business, and at the same time provide instant, tangible ROI.” 

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, KonnectAi helps rise above common challenges and unlock growth through its key features: 

  • State-of-the-art AI algorithms analyze images with unmatched precision, enhancing productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing inefficiencies resulting in the highest quality, safety, and traceability.
  • Simple solution that offers the benefits of AI without the complexity, cost, and resources.
  • Real-time data and actionable insights enable manufacturers to engage in agile decision-making, spot trends, respond swiftly to customer demands, and make informed decisions that propel business forward.
  • Resource optimization data that allows manufacturers to allocate much-needed workforce resources elsewhere, while lowering operational costs.

Carrie Tharp, VP, Strategic Industries, Google Cloud, adds, “KonnectAi is addressing the manufacturing industry’s vital market need for AI use in a tangible way. KonnectAi empowers manufacturing workforces to engage with AI technology for improved quality and efficiency. We’re proud to collaborate with KonnectAi in bringing much-needed, high-tech AI tools to market.”

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