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All-New Mech-MSR 3D Measurement and Inspection Software Offers No Code GUI

Mech-Mind has announced the official release of its new Mech-MSR 3D measurement and inspection software. Mech-MSR is the next-gen Mech-Mind AI software designed for creating end-to-end inspection applications deployed on Mech-Eye LNX 3D laser profilers. Leveraging a no-code graphical user interface and robust built-in algorithms, Mech-MSR enables users to tackle a wide range of inspection tasks with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

Mech-MSR, combined with Mech-Eye 3D laser profilers, offers inspection solutions in various industries, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, EV batteries, automotive, and photovoltaic manufacturing helping clients enhance production efficiency and product yield while reducing costs.

When developing Mech-MSR, Mech-Mind has prioritized the user experience. The software features a graphical, modular, and user-friendly interface that allows users to effortlessly navigate through various inspection and measurement applications. The interface also includes a 3D visualized parameter configuration function, which enhances tuning efficiency by presenting surface, profile, and other data in a clear and concise manner.

Furthermore, Mech-MSR encompasses a range of measurement algorithms, such as alignment and point cloud preprocessing, ensuring optimal measurement efficiency and accuracy. Users also have the flexibility to customize evaluation methods to meet specific production standards. After completing measurements, users can review and analyze the results to further optimize production processes.

Mech-MSR significantly simplifies the setup and deployment process, enabling users to deploy their inspection projects in just one step. It offers an extensive solution library, allowing users to browse existing solutions and efficiently deploy them on their inspection projects. Mech-MSR is fully compatible with all Mech-Eye LNX 3D laser profiler models ensuring that inspection projects can be completed in a few hours, meeting the demands for speed and accuracy.

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