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The Online Metrology Platform for Manufacturing Professionals

Since launch in 2016 Metrology News has become the leading global news site for manufacturing metrology. Metrology News is updated daily with the latest stories providing the very latest in metrology and quality news from around the world. Metrology.News showcases new product introductions, technology, innovation, research, people, customer applications, industry trends and sector dynamics.

2023 Metrology News Platform Statistics

– Over 950,000 page views in 2023

– Over 400,000 visitors in 2023

– Over 1,000 articles published in 2023

– 30% of platform visitors reach site through Google and other search engines

– 8.3% average click through rate to external URL’s

– Over 14,000 Metrology News Linkedin page followers

– 16,800 Metrology News Publishing Editor Linkedin followers

Global Reach – Global Influence

The Metrology News platform has a truly global reach and recorded the following 2023 geographical readership:

USA 29% | Germany 10% | United Kingdom 8.4% | India 6.2% | Japan 4.4% | France 3.4% | Canada 3.4% | Italy 2.5% | Spain 2.3% | Netherlands 2.1% | South Korea 1.6% | China 1.6% | All Others Countries 25.1%

Metrology News Publishing Editor

Keith Mills MetrologyPublishing Editor of Metrology News, Keith Mills, has accumulated over 35 years in the global Industrial Metrology sector. Originally from the UK, Mills spent more over 20 years in USA running metrology companies and has additional hands-on experience in Europe, China, India, and S.E Asia.

Educated as a Manufacturing Engineer, Mills participated in the industrial robotic automation sector before migrating to the industrial metrology sector in 1985. With Industry 4.0 on the horizon, and the trending integration of metrology and automation, Mills has the necessary background and experience to report on all of the upcoming technological advancements and trends in industrial metrology as it becomes centric in Smart Factories.

Mills, an indisputable visionary, is uniquely qualified as Publishing Editor to showcase new product introductions, technology, innovations, customer applications, industry trends and sector dynamics to the global readership of Metrology News.

On his LinkedIn profile Mills was described by a leading aerospace metrologist: “Keith is a forward thinking innovator that looks beyond the boundaries of customer expectations. In the world of Metrology we need more people with Keith’s enthusiasm able to innovate rather than simply evolve customer focused expectations”. Pete Willis – Chief Engineer (Inspection & Metrology Laboratory) at Messier-Bugatti-Dowty.

The planned editorial focus calendar for Metrology News in 2024 is as follows:

The editorial focus calendar for Metrology News in 2023 is as follows:


Smart Manufacturing – machine vision, artificial intelligence and edge computing

Computed Tomography – a deeper insight into dimensional metrology


Robotic Inspection – inline, near-line, and the increasing role of metrology automation in smart manufacturing


Coordinate Measuring Machines and their role in smart factories


Optical Metrology – Structured light scanning and machine vision based application-driven solutions

Control Expo Preview


Big Data – creation, analysis and effective utilization

Control Expo Review


Portable Inspection solutions and their continued role in smart manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing – process and quality control techniques as AM goes main stream


Metrology 4.0 – is it really happening and how

Metrology Software – current and future trends including virtual tools


Reverse Engineering – prototyping and production applications

Digital Twins and their increasing role in smart manufacturing


Surface Finish and Form – optical v tactile solutions

Augmented Reality – its increasing role in quality control


Sensor technologies and the role of multi-sensors machines

The role of 5G in edge solution for process control in the smart factory


Retrofits –  updating previous generation hardware for today’s metrology integrated manufacturing world

Sensors – “there’s a sensor for that” – a deep dive into new sensing technologies


Metrology Centric Manufacturing – Factory 2030

2023 – A year in review

NOTE: Please submit your product news along with other relevant materials at least 7 days before the start of each month for inclusion consideration in the editorial article on the above editorial subjects.



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