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ZEISS Launch Microscope and CMM Combined Single Solution

The new ZEISS O-INSPECT duo offers two technologies in one machine allowing large workpieces such as PCBs, fuel cells or batteries to be both measured and inspected in high resolution in their entirety. The combination of 3D measurement technology and microscopic inspection increases efficiency and saves space in quality laboratories. ZEISS O-INSPECT duo is available in the size 8/6/3.​

As a ‘VMM microscope’, the ZEISS O-INSPECT duo covers two essential applications in quality assurance allowing for precise measurement and high-resolution inspection of large or many small components. The machine has also been specifically developed for applications where a combination of dimensional measurement and inspection is required – including segmentation, stitching and image processing with color images. Instead of having to acquire both a VMM and a microscope, only one device is needed in quality laboratories, saving space and system costs.

Precise Measurements – Optical and Tactile​

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo is a multisensory measuring machine and impresses with its high-resolution optics paired with the ZEISS VAST XXT tactile scanning sensor. The sensor enables fast and accurate 3D measurements by capturing a large number of measuring points in a single motion. ​

Very small or sensitive parts can be measured without contact and with excellent accuracy as well as a significant reduction in measuring time due to the ZEISS VAST probing (ZVP). This is possible thanks to the large field of view with high image resolution and outstanding image fidelity, even in the peripheral areas.

Single Machine Surface Inspection and Measurement

In addition to measuring the dimensions, many workpieces also require surface inspection. Where previously two separate devices were used for measurement and inspection, ZEISS O-INSPECT duo now offers a 2-in-1 solution. Thanks to the intuitive operation of the device and the high-resolution 5 MP Discovery. V12 scout 160 c color camera sensor with 12x zoom lens, inspection tasks can now also be covered on the measuring device. In addition to the usual use with ZEISS CALYPSO, the machine can also be used for microscopy tasks with the ZEISS ZEN core software. In addition to coaxial uplight and backlight, ZEISS O-INSPECT duo also offers various control options for the ring light. The inner and outer LED rings can be switched on and off separately or only activated in individual segments.​

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo has two dedicated software programs with specific functions for microscopy and metrology tasks. Combined with ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS coordinate measuring machines tap into their full potential. ZEN core handles more than just microscopy imaging: The software is the most comprehensive suite of imaging, segmentation, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected material laboratories. It also offers extensive functions such as tiling, stitching (interferometry) and automatic error detection.​

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