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Zebra Technologies Unveils New Solutions Advancing The Connected Factory

Zebra Technologies, has announced new solutions to further enable manufacturers to boost visibility, optimize quality and augment the workforce to operate as a connected factory.

Manufacturers today are challenged with increasing productivity amid labor shortages. At the same time, they are managing cultural transformation and converging information and operational technology (IT/OT) systems into existing operations. The latest NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey reports more than 65% of manufacturers cite the inability to attract and retain employees as their top challenge and confirmed they are working to improve operational resiliency by investing in new technologies.

“The pressure is on for manufacturers to efficiently meet customer demands for quality while managing labor shortages, skill gaps, and efficiency challenges,” said Andy Zosel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Data Capture, Machine Vision and Robotic Automation, Zebra Technologies. “We are committed to helping manufacturers work in new ways with technology and intelligent automation to increase actionable visibility, optimize quality and augment the workforce.”

3D Inspection and Detection Optimizes Quality to New Levels

The new Zebra’s 3S Series delivers best-in class 3D scanning to address a broad range of machine vision automation applications. Using structured light technology, the 3S series scans areas with sub-millimeter resolution and accuracy for both static scenes and items in motion. The 3S Series model is bundled with Aurora Design Assistant or Aurora Vision Studio software to enable applications to be performed that were once impossible with standard technologies.

The 3S40 sensor is designed to scan static objects, integrating them into manufacturing operations to resolve inspection and dimensioning applications with a scanning range of up to 2.1 meters. The 3S80 sensor is built to capture dynamic scenes and create 3D point color clouds in real time, expanding the range of advanced automation applications. It has a scan range of up to 3 meters.

Enhanced Visibility Increases Quality Assurance and Traceability

Zebra’s latest fixed industrial scanner, the Zebra FS42 is designed for resource-intensive tasks like deep learning-based optimal character recognition (OCR) applications and high-throughput scanning requiring speed. Its increased onboard memory and neural processing unit (NPU) enable faster scanning and more complex artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning machine vision applications.

Zebra’s Aurora Software Suite is ideal for addressing the track-and-trace and vision inspection needs of users at all experience levels. It supports barcode reading and additional inspection tasks like OCR, dimensioning and defect detection. The FS42 features Zebra’s Aurora Focus which makes it easy to set up, deploy and run the device, eliminating the need for other tools and reducing training time.

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