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Mobile Laser Scanning Robot Automates Large Object Measurement

Together with the manufacturer of high-precision laser scanners API and the professional for automated measurement data acquisition Eleven Dynamics Neobotix GmbH has developed a robot for the automatic scanning of large objects. The measurement data of the laser scanner are evaluated together with the exact localization of the robot and the result is a complete measurement of large objects. Whether helicopters, wind turbine blades, complete vehicles or aircraft wings, the robot can drive around the objects and capture the entire contour in several stations. Until now, a measurement specialist has been on duty for hours on such large components to carry out many different scans and later assemble them into an overall object.

The API RADIAN 9D LADAR is pivotal in sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, and Energy, where precision is crucial. Its advanced measurement capabilities ensure accurate component assembly in Aerospace, critical quality control in Automotive manufacturing, and precise evaluation of large-scale machinery in Energy, particularly wind power. API’s DYNAMIC 9D LADAR provides micron-level resolution while eliminating issues associated with surface reflectivity, slow data acquisition speeds, restrictive incident angles, and susceptibility to production environment noise.​

Data Reliability Due To Automatic Measurement Sequence

The robot performs the surface scans fully automatically, providing excellent data reproducibility. As a result, reliable 100% quality controls can be carried out even in the production of large parts. The simple Graphical User Interface of robot control PlatformPilot enables the user to make changes to the measurement sequence after a very short training period, which means that changes in component dimensions can be reacted to very quickly.

Obstacles are reliably avoided by the robot based on the omnidirectional robot platform ROX-Argo used. Exceptional surface mobility eliminates the need for shunting and thus enables the shortest travel times and maximum flexibility. ROX is the latest generation of autonomous omnidirectional mobile robots from Neobotix. The four Argo Drive Modules enable the robot to ride smoothly in all directions. ROX offers a modern, uniform design combined with outstanding flexibility and individuality.

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