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Aberlink’s Affordable Mid Size HALO Extends CMM Portfolio

Aberlink has launched the Halo CNC CMM as a lower cost alternative to its high performance Horizon CMM series. Halo is a belt-drive version of the state-of-the art linear drive Horizon CMM. The Halo CMM has been launched to fill an important gap in Aberlink’s price/performance CMM portfolio. Aberlink customers that do not need the metrology performance of the linear-drive Horizon CNC CMM can now opt for the belt-drive machine.

Although the Halo CMM is not as accurate as the Horizon CMM, the Halo machine does have a first term error of 1.8µm when fitted with the Renishaw SP25 scanning probe. The Aberlink Halo available in four different size variants, with a significantly lower overall height, when compared to the Horizon CMM, that will enable the CMM to be installed in metrology laboratories with lower ceiling heights. The belt-drive system on the Halo CMM has been designed to provide perfectly smooth machine motion providing unrivalled reliability and durability for use in an inspection department or on the shop floor.

Since the launch of the Horizon CMM in September 2020, feedback from our UK and international customers highlighted a price/performance gap in our mid-sized cartesian CMM portfolio.  Our thirty-one years’ experience in CMM design and innovation has enabled us to bring the belt-drive version of the Horizon CNC CMM range to market in less than six months.  We know the Halo CNC CMM will be very popular with our domestic customers and our distributor network, located in over forty countries worldwide” explains Aberlink Sales director, Chris Davies.

Halo is supplied with Aberlink’s revolutionary easy-to-use measurement software. Feature Predict enables users to just take measurement points and the software automatically determines if you are measuring a Plane, Line or Circle feature. Move from feature to feature and the software predicts what features are being measured. As a component is measured a representation of it is built up on the screen. The user simply clicks on the measured features to call up dimensions exactly as they would appear on a drawing. Aberlink 3D is the industry standard for ‘easy-to-use’ software, while offering the depth of functionality to make it the choice for either occasional users or full-time inspection professionals.

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