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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 6th May

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Wireless Scan Integration Redefines In-Process Metrology

Nikon IMBU and AAT3D have announced the successful integration of Nikon’s LC15Dx wireless non-contact laser scanner with AAT3D’s CAPPSNC on-machine metrology software. This combination enables the seamless integration of non-contact inspection within the machine tool while providing wireless data transfer … read more

ZEISS Launch Microscope and CMM Combined Single Solution

The new ZEISS O-INSPECT duo offers two technologies in one machine allowing large workpieces such as PCBs, fuel cells or batteries to be both measured and inspected in high resolution in their entirety. The combination of 3D measurement technology and microscopic inspection increases efficiency and saves space in laboratories … read more

Harnessing Big Data: Transforming Smart Manufacturing With Data-Driven Culture

In the dynamic landscape of next generation manufacturing, the integration of advanced technologies has revolutionized traditional production processes. Among these innovations, Big Data stands out as a catalyst for change, reshaping the way factories operate and paving the path towards a more efficient and responsive … read more

Siemens Unveils Industrial Copilot Set To Revolutionize Engineering with Generative AI

Generative AI is gaining momentum across industries and at the recent Hannover Fair event, Siemens presented the first generative AI product for engineering in an industrial environment. The Siemens Industrial Copilot, the generative AI-powered assistant, is now seamlessly connected to the Totally Integrated Automation Portal … read more

Embracing AI-Driven Advanced Metrology Processes

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, the integration of advanced metrology technologies is revolutionizing the way inspections and defect analysis are conducted. Vision systems, when combined with machine learning algorithms, are enabling operations to inspect and monitor products or processes with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This transformative approach is reshaping … read more

New Maintenance Horizons in a World of AI and Big Data

The key difference between preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance is that the latter means completing maintenance only when needed, as opposed to scheduled intervals. With Industry 4.0, manufacturing data allows to gradually replace preventive maintenance with predictive, but can we go further than this? … read more

TERASCOPE Revolutionizes Automated Multilayer Thickness Measurement

The TERASCOPE innovative measuring system for fully automated multilayer coating thickness measurement and material analysis can be used in a wide range of applications and takes quality assurance to a new level in numerous industries such as automotive, aerospace, semiconductors, extrusion of plastic and many others … read more

LED Illuminator Provides Needed Brightness to Test Wear of Railroad Tracks

An optical monitoring system has been developed by UK’s Sheffield University that captures damage on the running surface of railroad tracks, continuously monitoring initiation and stabilization of dangerous wear without test interruption, a first for this type of system. The line-scan imaging system leverages the high power … read more

Waygate Technologies Launch Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge

Waygate Technologies, a leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions for industrial inspection, has launched the Krautkrämer CL Go+ its new ultrasonic precision thickness gauge, This versatile and convenient inspection tool is particularly suitable for components utilized in the automotive and aerospace industries. It efficiently measures cast and stamped metal components … read more

‘Titans’ of Coordinate Metrology Industry Featured Speakers at CMSC

To celebrate the Coordinate Metrology Society’s 40th Anniversary, the CMSC is expanding its featured speakers to include 3 keynotes that have been recognized as ‘Titans’ of the coordinate metrology industry: John Brown, Dr. Kam Lau, and John Palmateer, who have spent a lifetime involved in Coordinate Metrology … read more

Interferometer Combines Short and Long Coherence Sources Into Single System

4D Technology, a subsidiary of Onto Innovation, gas announced the launch of the AccuFiz Duo Fizeau interferometer. The AccuFiz Duo dynamic interferometer uniquely combines the industry leading AccuFiz D short coherence capabilities with long coherence capabilities into a single system. The AccuFiz Duo’s short coherence mode employs the same patented technology … read more

Taqtile Leverages Spatial Computing To Advance Antiquated Inspection Processes

Taqtile, a leader in augmented reality (AR)-based work instruction solutions, has announced a dramatic advance in how industrial and defense industry customers conduct inspections and track equipment faults. With newly introduced innovations implemented in Manifest, users can more efficiently and thoroughly flag faults identified within the inspection process and, subsequently … read more

New Cutting Parameters AI Solution To Transform CNC Machining

Manufacturing technology company, CloudNC, has announces the release of Cutting Parameters AI, a new solution that automatically generates appropriate physics-based feeds and speeds for virtually any CNC machining scenario, in moments. Defining new feeds and speeds for CNC machining operations is an arduous and time-consuming task, involving considerable manual experimentation … read more

AI-Enhanced Metrology Software Streamlines Partner Solutions

GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, has announced the release of its GelSight Mobile 3.7 software package, which adds APIs that enable users to integrate GelSight’s tactile sensing capabilities into factory automation processes, robotics systems, and other products sold as a total solution … read more