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GelSight’s New AI-Enhanced Metrology Software Streamlines Integration with Partner Solutions

GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, has announced the release of its GelSight Mobile 3.7 software package, which adds APIs that enable users to integrate GelSight’s tactile sensing capabilities into factory automation processes, robotics systems, and other products sold as a total solution. GelSight Mobile 3.7 also makes it easier to deploy and use the GelSight Mobile system globally by adding Mandarin translation support in addition to English, French, and Japanese.

The new APIs in GelSight Mobile 3.7 deliver a suite of tools that allows users to integrate GelSight into automated production tests or workflows that require detailed surface inspection and analysis. GelSight partners will now also have the ability to add GelSight’s tactile sensing capabilities and the detailed data from its surface measurements to their own OEM products. For example, Cadre Forensics has embedded a GelSight sensor into its firearm forensics imaging device to enable deeper analysis of defects on reflective surfaces.

“While GelSight Mobile was originally launched as a standalone metrology software and handheld hardware solution, our partners and customers have expressed interest in integrating our system into automated workflows and their own OEM systems,” said Dennis Lang, Chief Business Officer at GelSight. “GelSight Mobile 3.7 now makes this possible with the addition of these new APIs.”

GelSight Mobile is a portable system that offers a superhuman touch sensor with micron-level resolution to provide metrologists, inspectors, and engineers with data-driven insights on surface characteristics that allow users to make more informed decisions. With this software release, GelSight is making digital surface inspection more accessible by allowing users to add GelSight Mobile’s capabilities to existing automated workflows and translate outputs across more languages.

“Since GelSight works with some of the top international OEMs in aerospace, automotive, and energy, we felt the improved language support was essential to provide a standard solution that can be used across a global company,” said Youssef Benmokhtar, CEO at GelSight. “We’re excited to bring these new options to our partners and customers with GelSight Mobile 3.7 and look forward to seeing how they utilize these features to improve their automated production, inspection, and robotics processes.”

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