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April 2024 Metrology News Magazine

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In the dynamic realm of modern manufacturing, where precision and productivity reign supreme, the fusion of optical metrology and automation emerges as a transformative force, reshaping industries and propelling innovation to new heights. As we navigate this era of technological convergence, it’s evident that optical metrology, with its non-contact measurement prowess, serves as a cornerstone of advanced manufacturing.

From intricate component inspection to dimensional analysis, the applications of optical metrology span a diverse spectrum of industries, underpinning quality assurance and process optimization. The evolution of advanced optical techniques, such as structured light scanning and confocal microscopy, empowers manufacturers with unparalleled accuracy and speed, revolutionizing quality control methodologies.

Yet, the narrative of transformation doesn’t end with optical metrology alone. Complementing its prowess is the relentless march of automation, driven by advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. The integration of automated inspection systems and robotic measurement cells not only streamlines production workflows but also enhances quality and process control throughput, ushering in an era of unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

As we monitor the evolving landscape, it’s evident that the journey of optical metrology and automation in advanced manufacturing is far from over. Emerging trends including in-line metrology, digital twinning, and autonomous manufacturing systems promise to further elevate the capabilities and impact of these technologies.

The democratization of optical metrology tools and the proliferation of collaborative robotics platforms hold the promise of empowering smaller manufacturers with access to cutting-edge capabilities previously reserved for industry titans. This democratization not only levels the playing field but also fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, driving collective progress in the manufacturing ecosystem. This month Metrology News reported on many new optical metrology automation product introductions including software, sensors and systems. Our April newsletter showcases these innovations, highlighting their significance and potential impact on the industry.

This month’s featured articles included The Role of Metrology In Enhancing Manufacturing Quality Without Increasing Costs“, “Transforming Quality Control and Redefining Manufacturing – The Robotics Revolution“, “Structured Light Scanning and Machine Vision Driven Solutions Transforming Optical Metrology“, “The Role of Machine Vision in Smart Manufacturing“, “The Value of Quality and its Dependence on Industrial Metrology“.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

InnovMetric Advances Metrology With PolyWorks 2024

InnovMetric, the independent software development company that empowers manufacturers of every size to digitally transform their 3D measurement processes, has announced the launch of PolyWorks 2024. This enterprise solution sets up a digital thread that lowers the cost of scaling up the use of 3D measurement data by deploying a universal 3D metrology platform … read more

LMI Launch Smart 3D Coaxial Line Confocal Sensors

LMI Technologies, a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, has announced the official release of its all-new Gocator 4000 Series of Smart 3D Coaxial Line Confocal Sensors. The Gocator 4000 Series introduces coaxial line confocal sensor technology to complement LMI’s existing Line Confocal product portfolio. These sensors provide high-speed, high-resolution … read more

Adaptive Machining – Dimensional Metrology’s Critical Role

In today’s precision manufacturing landscape, achieving optimal CNC machining outcomes is not just about cutting metal; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of variables to create parts with the required accuracy. One of the key players in this machining symphony is dimensional metrology. In this article, we delve into how dimensional metrology contributes to adaptive control … read more

Leveraging AI For Enhanced Manufacturing Quality

In the dynamic landscape of advanced manufacturing, ensuring quality control has always been paramount. The integrity of products directly impacts customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and ultimately, the bottom line. Traditionally, quality control measures have relied on human inspection, which although effective, is prone to human error and can be time-consuming … read more

Cognex Launches the World’s First AI Based 3D Vision System

Cognex Corporation, a leader in industrial machine vision, has released the In-Sight L38 3D Vision System, which combines AI, 2D, and 3D vision technologies to solve a range of inspection and measurement applications. The system creates unique projection images that combine 3D information into an easy-to-label 2D image for simplified training and reveals features not visible with 2D imaging … read more

Laser Scanner Creates AM Tool Path Revolutionizing Repairs

Nikon Corporation has announced the release of its next-generation metal additive manufacturing system, the Lasermeister LM300A, which uses Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology, as well as the complementary 3D scanner, Lasermeister SB100. These industry-leading products represent the latest strategic additions to the Nikon Advanced Manufacturing solutions portfolio … read more

Structured Light Scanning and Machine Vision Driven Solutions Transforming Optical Metrology

Optical metrology has long been a cornerstone of manufacturing, offering precise measurement solutions essential for ensuring product quality and process efficiency. In recent years, the convergence of structured light scanning and machine vision technologies has propelled optical metrology into new realms of accuracy, speed, and versatility … read more

Aerospace Disc Inspection Time Slashed From One Hour To 12 Minutes While Improving Quality

Automated inspection solution ensures that vital aerospace engine parts are defect-free. An aerospace engine is made up of hundreds of components, each of which must be defect-free. People’s lives depend on it. A lesser but still valid consideration is that scratches, fissures, and other part imperfections can be costly if the flaws aren’t immediately discovered … read more

Automated Quality Control Made Accessible With Intuitive Hybrid Solution

Creaform, the worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, has launched the Automation Kit that can turn the HandySCAN 3D and MetraSCAN 3D portable 3D scanner families into fully fledged solutions for automated quality control (AQC) applications. Outfitted with a collaborative robot (cobot) and all related equipment the actual workstation allows … read more

Measurement In The Process Essential To Produce Consistent High Quality

Bikes, especially mountain bikes, have always offered a lot of space for innovation. And this is in no small part thanks to enthusiastic cyclists in small specialised companies who know how to impress with their innovations. Probes and tool setting probes from Blum-Novotest play an important role in the production processes ensuring high accuracy, process reliability … read more

The Role of Metrology In Enhancing Manufacturing Quality Without Increasing Costs

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, the pursuit of quality is non-negotiable. Yet, amidst the ever-present pressure to optimize costs, achieving superior quality without inflating expenses remains a perpetual challenge. Metrology emerges as a pivotal solution in this conundrum. By harnessing advanced metrology techniques, manufacturers can elevate their quality standards … read more

Transforming Quality Control and Redefining Manufacturing – The Robotics Revolution

As the industrial robotics landscape undergoes significant transformation, Eleven Dynamics AG are at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks. This article delves into the current trends in industrial robotics, showcases Eleven Dynamics innovative contributions, addresses the prevailing challenges within the industry, and offers a glimpse into the future of robotics … read more

Hexagon Revolutionises Robotic Quality Inspection With Highly Flexible and Scalable System

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of PRESTO System – an innovative modular suite of automated robotic inspection cells revolutionizing the landscape of 3D measurement for automotive and aerospace manufacturing. PRESTO System builds on the foundation of its turnkey PRESTO quality inspection cell to provide manufacturers a future-proof … read more

Cutting-Edge Software Automation Suite Elevates Industrial Automation to New Levels

Building on the success of its award-winning predecessors, NEXOS 4.0 and AIR, Eleven Dynamics AG has announced the launch of its new Software Automation Suite. This next-generation platform is designed to set new standards in industrial automation, seamlessly integrating diverse technologies into a single, efficient solution. The Automation Suite introduces several innovative features … read more

Make The Leap To a More Automated and Interconnected 3D Metrology

Industry 4.0, a new way of organizing production and manufacturing resources characterized by the intensive use of digital technologies, is expanding and helping to improve operational efficiency and decision-making on the manufacturing chain. The volume of data to be managed is growing accordingly, and Metrologic Group is developing and innovating its software suite … read more

Enhanced Software Platform Improves Automated Visual Inspections, a leading company in intelligent visual inspection solutions has announced significant improvements to its flagship software platform with the introduction of version 2.7. The latest version brings about enhanced user experience and expanded functionality, offering a more efficient and user-friendly workflow along with increased control options … read more

How Close Is The Smart Factory of the Future?

Manufacturing is marching toward a future that is highly automated, intelligent and flexible. Increasingly, smart factories are made up of connected machines that generate large amounts of data. This opens the door for artificial intelligence-driven analysis and new opportunities for insights on improving supply chains, processes, the customer experience, product quality and more … read more

The Role of Machine Vision in Smart Manufacturing

In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are not just desirable; they’re imperative. The advent of smart manufacturing has ushered in a new era where technological advancements like machine vision are playing a pivotal role in ensuring quality, enhancing productivity, and optimizing processes. We delve into the significance of machine vision … read more

The Value of Quality and its Dependence on Industrial Metrology

In a world driven by innovation and precision, quality stands as the cornerstone of progress. From the manufacturing floor to research laboratories, ensuring the highest standards of quality is paramount. Industrial metrology plays a crucial role in maintaining these standards across various industries. In this article, we delve into the critical role of quality and the pivotal role metrology … read more

Critical Parts Inspected 8x Faster With Industrial CT Platform

Eaton’s products help the world manage increasingly complex electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical energy systems. As every industry transitions to greener forms of energy, Eaton is leading the way in developing power management solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable. But these solutions require novel engineering work and present challenges at every stage … read more

Non-Destructive Evaluation Technologies Making Batteries Safer and More Efficient

With motorists across the world shifting to hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs) in increasing numbers, the demand for the batteries that power them has skyrocketed. Yet the battery supply chain is in a difficult period of uncertainty. Some larger automotive and battery manufacturers are building their own gigafactories or forming joint ventures … read more

Metrology Technology Helping Auto Companies Manufacture Latest EVs

Metrology Technology Helping Auto Companies Manufacture Latest EVs

Almost everyone is aware of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in the automotive industry. The switch from diesel and petrol engines to electric power is constantly in the news, and despite some obstacles to widespread adoption, the clock is ticking to a total switch. Here Gareth Tomkinson, Renishaw Business Development Manager, explores the role of metrology in solving these challenges … read more

Creaform Introduces Latest Optical CMM 3D Scanners Elevating Quality Control

Creaform, a worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, has announced the release of the MetraSCAN BLACK+, MetraSCAN BLACK+|Elite and HandyPROBE Next+, latest versions of its suite of optical CMM 3D scanners and probes. Leveraging new ISO 10360 certifications and setup assistance tools, this latest generation of MetraSCAN aims to provide … read more

The Evolution of AM – How Automation Redefines Post-Processing Standards

Since their earliest inception, metal additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have provoked much discussion and debate around the ‘revolution’ of manufacturing thanks to the unprecedented capabilities these technologies afford for producing complex metal parts and components. Wherever your opinion lies on the revolutionary scale — from evangelist to hard cynic … read more


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