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Investment Shaping Multi-Billion-Dollar Market For Optical Systems For Meta-Optics

NIL Technology (NILT), a world leading flat optics company, has raised €29 million in new capital. The investment was led by a syndicate of investors. Founded in 2006, NILT has been at the forefront of fabrication of advanced nanostructures and NILT is today vertically integrated within nanostructured flat optics (meta-optics).

With demand for its technology increasing, NILT has matured its meta-optics technology across the value chain from design to prototyping and is now scaling its manufacturing organization and manufacturing capabilities to meet higher-volume customer requests. NILT’s manufacturing strategy by nanoimprint lithography (NIL) allows for more precise and versatile nanostructures that enables unmatched meta-optics performance. High-performance meta-optics in high-volume are the key to building winning optical solutions to be used in consumer electronics like smartphones and AR/VR headsets, automotive and robotics applications, where there is a demand for ultra compact light weight optical solutions with minimum power consumption and allow for new functionalities required for novel sensing and imaging applications.

According to Jean-Christophe Eloy, the Founder and CEO of the Yole Group, the market for meta-optics shows great growth potential as the ultimate evolution of optics. Meta-optics can take optical functionalities to the next level, be it for compact imaging modules for the consumer market, advanced imaging for industrial, medical, and automotive applications, and, of course, for AR optical systems. For perspective, the optics lens set for compact camera modules market alone represented $5.25B in 2022 (Source: Optical Metasurfaces 2024 report, Yole Intelligence)

“I am happy to see the strong support from our long-term investors, as well as new ones. We are dedicated to manufacture best performing meta-optics, essential for optical modules, which is possible due to our long-term commitment of making advanced nanostructures combined with proprietary technologies and capabilities within meta-optics,” commented Theodor Nielsen CEO, Founder, NIL Technology.

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