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Measuring Vibrations of Small Components & Microstructures

The MSA-060 Micro System Analyzer from Polytec enables a non-contact and extremely precise investigation of the vibration behavior of MEMS and microsystems as well as a detailed analysis of the component dynamics of precision mechanical components and the reliability of electronics. This compact and modular optical vibration measurement system offers an entry-level solution for the Micro System Analyzer family and supports the determination of resonance frequencies and vibration amplitudes. In addition, it visualizes the vibration shape of samples over the entire surface, enabling comprehensive analysis.

The performance of sensors and actuators in MEMS depends heavily on component behavior. The MSA-060 provides important insights for optimization and bridges the gap between design, simulation and manufacturing. Equipped with different magnifications, the MSA-060 enables versatile non-contact vibration analysis. The powerful data acquisition with VibSoft-PRO extends the measuring system with a reference channel and signal generator. An optional xy-table can be integrated, which enables the scanning of entire sample surfaces. The system delivers real-time vibration data with picometer resolution over an extended bandwidth of DC to 24 MHz.

In micro- and nanotechnology, the precise characterization of components and structures is of crucial importance. The MSA-060 helps to improve the performance and reliability of these devices by providing accurate vibration data, which is essential for the development and optimization of MEMS and microsystems.

The compact measuring head used in the MSA-060 allows measurements on macroscopic structures in addition to the wide range of applications in microsystems technology. For this purpose, the measuring head can easily be operated with a lens for larger working distances on a standard stand. This flexibility is certainly much appreciated in training and teaching.

In addition, the MSA-060 offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation that enables engineers and researchers to quickly and efficiently acquire and analyze high-quality data.

Overall, the MSA-060 Micro System Analyzer is a powerful solution for full-field vibration measurement of small components and microstructures. With its ability to provide precise and detailed vibration data, it contributes significantly to improving the performance, reliability and efficiency of MEMS, microsystems and precision mechanical components.

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