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Cutting-Edge Software Automation Suite Elevates Industrial Automation to New Levels

Building on the success of its award-winning predecessors, NEXOS 4.0 and AIR, Eleven Dynamics AG has announced the launch of its new Software Automation Suite. This next-generation platform is designed to set new standards in industrial automation, seamlessly integrating diverse technologies into a single, efficient solution.

Key Software Automation Suite Features include:

The Software Automation Suite introduces several innovative features that simplify complex processes and enhance operational flexibility:
Universal Compatibility: The  suite is engineered to work with over 100 types of robots, sensors, and metrology software solutions. It includes a comprehensive library that allows users to effortlessly drag and drop their hardware components and start automating immediately.

Proprietary 3D Engine: Eleven Dynamics has developed a robust and powerful 3D engine from the ground up, capable of handling extensive automation tasks across entire production lines without compromising on speed or performance.

Streamlined User Interface: The new user interface features a reduced dashboard design, making it more accessible and less cluttered, which enhances user experience and productivity.

Enhanced Metrology: The suite offers rapid and precise measurement capabilities to support high-quality production standards.
Full Inline Integration: Designed for comprehensive inline integration, the suite ensures a smooth workflow that maximizes efficiency from start to finish in the production process.

No-Cost Trial: Potential users can explore the full capabilities of the suite through a free trial, offering a risk-free method to evaluate platform benefits.

Flexible Licensing Model: Reflecting Eleven Dynamics commitment to tailored solutions, the new licensing model allows customers to pay only for the specific interfaces they need, ensuring they don’t overspend on unnecessary features.

With the launch of the Software Automation Suite, Eleven Dynamics redefines what is possible in industrial automation, offering scalable and adaptable solutions that meet the challenging demands of today’s industries.

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