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LMI Launch Smart 3D Coaxial Line Confocal Sensors

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, has announced the official release of its all-new Gocator 4000 Series of Smart 3D Coaxial Line Confocal Sensors.

The Gocator 4000 Series introduces coaxial line confocal sensor technology to complement LMI’s existing Line Confocal product portfolio. These sensors provide high-speed, high-resolution, versatile and shadow-free 3D inline inspection performance with outstanding angular range (Max Slope Angle up to +/- 85 degrees) for manufacturing applications including Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics and EV Battery.

Scan Complex Surface Topologies

Coaxial optical design allows the sensor to scan simple and complex surface topologies with zero shadowing effect for improved data quality and more accurate measurement results on steep-angled features such as step height of PCB chips, deep grooves in wafer die fractures, and protruding components such as IC wire bonds. The Gocator 4000 Series’ optics also deliver outstanding angular range for excellent performance on highly curved surfaces such as chamfer of cell phone display glass.

High Resolution and Speed

The Gocator 4000 Series delivers exceptional X-resolutions and optimal Z-performance for fine feature detection and precision 3D shape and 2D intensity measurement. This is paired with fast scan rates up to 16 kHz+ (with GoMax NX or PC acceleration) to meet inline cycle times and provide a proficient scanning and inspection solution for rapid deployment into production lines.

Accurately scan any material type or part shape — everything from miniscule solder bumps on semiconductor BGAs to machined-metal cell phone housings and transparent glue path applications in wearable consumer electronics assemblies such as smart watches.

Gocator 4000 Series’ features and capabilities include:

➤ 1920 Points per Profile for High-Resolution, Shadow-Free 3D Measurement and Inspection

➤ X Resolutions Up to 1.9 microns

➤ Fields of View Up to 5.0 millimeters

➤ Max Slope Angle Up to +/- 85 degrees

➤ Speeds Up to 16 kHz+ at Limited Measurement Range (With Gomax NX or PC Acceleration), 4+ kHz at Full Measurement Range

➤ On-sensor Measurement Tools and I/O Connectivity

➤ Easy Mounting and System Integration

The Gocator 4000 Series expands LMI’s line confocal product portfolio with a specialized inline inspection solution designed for precision performance in particularly challenging applications in Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics“, said Mark Radford, CEO, LMI Technologies.

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