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Non-Contact Metrology System Delivers Unrivalled Quality, Precision and Usability

Scantron Industrial Products has announced it has completed the build phase of its latest flagship product. Proscan Magnum is an industry-leading non-contact surface and shape measurement system especially suited to the metals industry. This Magnum is yet another system Scantron has built in this product range. Each one is custom-built to meet the customer’s unique requirements. The Proscan Magnum system is established as the benchmark for offline shape management of aluminium strip and other flat sheet materials.

As a result of stresses within the rolled and levelled strip, a residual shape remains in the material, resulting in edge buckle or centre buckle. When a sample of a strip is laid on a perfectly flat surface, its shape can be measured by the Proscan Magnum which scans the strip at specified intervals determined by the user. The identification of surface shape eliminates issues regarding uneven surfaces which, if not discovered, could have detrimental effects on the fit or appearance of the material.

Proscan Magnum is an offline measurement system that can detect production issues very accurately. When metal is rolled, residual shapes can remain in the material. These shapes are evident when the sample strip is laid on the flat surface table and scanned to measure centre buckle and edge buckle. Proscan Magnum accurately measures and quantifies the latent shape in the material and can provide absolute values of wave height, waves per metre and I-units (an industry standard for measuring flatness).

The measurement process is achieved with a precision laser displacement sensor. The width, length and diagonal attributes can be measured independently of one another, with the option of user-defined thermal compensation for dimensional accuracy. Results and graphs are displayed on the screen alongside the automated flatness measurement, allowing the operator to view the flatness of each scan for guaranteed accuracy.

This system is destined for one of the world’s largest metals producers (located in India) and is due to be shipped in August 2024.

“We are totally focused on providing the best non-contact metrology solutions for our customers,” said Lars Lindstrand, Managing Director of Scantron Industrial Products. “This build represents the latest in a long line of non-contact surface and shape tables that provide superlative accuracy. This one sits on a 10-tonne slab of granite to ensure the system is highly stable in terms of temperature, vibration, and movement.”

Furthermore, development has been completed to include edge burr and camber measurement as options. This is especially important after slitting operations.

Dr. Simon Harding, Technical Director, Scantron Industrial Products Ltd said, “We constantly look for unique and novel ways to improve our products. Adding burr and camber measurement is a natural addition to the Proscan Magnum.  We believe that Proscan Magnum is unrivalled in the industry.”

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