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Hexagon Enters Strategic Partnership with Paperless Parts

At the Paperless Parts’ annual user conference, POWER, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and Paperless Parts announced a strategic partnership designed to accelerate the adoption of modern quoting software by forward-thinking custom part manufacturers.

Through its broad portfolio of products and top-tier customer service, Hexagon has become synonymous with high-quality, industry-tested solutions across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. Similarly, forward-thinking shops have abandoned antiquated quoting methods in favor of Paperless Parts, which leverages geometric interrogations, automated pricing and costing logic, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced workflow technology to revolutionize the quoting process. Through this partnership, Hexagon and Paperless Parts can equip tech-forward manufacturers to increase revenue, drive operational efficiency, and leverage modern software solutions to make American manufacturing more competitive and profitable. Paperless Parts will also soon be available to Hexagon customers on the Nexus Digital Reality Platform, an open cloud-based platform designed to connect technologies from both Hexagon and its partner ecosystem.

“We’ve been a long-standing user of both Hexagon and Paperless Parts software, and what unites those two companies is a common vision and understanding that technology can be a major differentiator for today’s manufacturers, which motivated me to originally introduce their leadership teams to each other,” said Bill Berrien, CEO of Pindel Global Precision, a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company. With over 90,000 square feet of manufacturing and engineering space, Pindel is a global leader focused on providing custom, precision-machined components and assemblies. “Both companies make the success of their customers their number one priority and have taken the time to ensure their products are specifically tailored to the unique demands of custom part manufacturers.”

“As shops look to modernize, they aren’t just focused on the shop floor; Paperless Parts has had a dramatic impact on the performance of hundreds of shops nationwide by overhauling the quoting process and connecting the many parts of a shop that impact estimating into a single, unified, modern quoting platform,” said Patrick Welch, vice president software sales North America for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “We want to extend those benefits to the thousands of sheet metal manufacturers, machine shops, and custom part manufacturers we work with today.”

Together, Hexagon and Paperless Parts will help job shops optimize processes across their operations, from quoting to downstream manufacturing and inspection. Busy shops that struggle to keep up with a backlog of quotes can lose bids or rush into unprofitable projects. Modern quoting solutions offer consistent costing and pricing and make it easier to onboard new estimators to their team.

Through the integration with the Nexus Digital Reality Platform, this partnership will also empower smaller machine shops to better compete, fast-tracking their digital transformation journey through a connection to the cloud that enables enhanced automation, data collection & visibility, and improved collaboration. Manufacturers can benefit from Nexus by simply connecting their existing tools and equipment, enabling a more connected ecosystem within their own shop.

This partnership is a recognition of Hexagon’s deepening support for custom part manufacturers and small and mid-sized machine shops. To that end, the company has recently released an online Technology Benchmark tool for Machine Shops, designed to support machine shops as they transition from paper-based operations to digital innovation. The benchmarking tool enables shops to evaluate their performance against seven key focus areas where digital solutions can have a transformative impact on overall profitability and performance, including 1) Quoting and Planning, 2) Design & Review, 3) Manufacturing preparation, 4) Manufacturing, 5) Shop-Floor Operations, 6) Quality Inspection, and 7) Reporting. It can be leveraged free of charge, and will provide machine shops with a ranking against their peers in the market, insight into where they are in the evolution process, suggested areas of improvement, and other benchmarks.

“Hexagon is a widely respected and trusted brand in manufacturing that has helped manufacturers compete globally for decades, and the fact that they’ve specifically called out quoting as a key area that is in dire need of modern, software-based solutions, is a demonstration of our aligned vision. This partnership is an endorsement of Paperless Parts’ impact on the American supply chain and in particular,” said Jason Ray, Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts.

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