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June 2024 Metrology News Magazine

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This month Metrology News dived into the transformative world of portable measurement devices and their profound impact on advanced manufacturing; we explored the cutting-edge portable technologies reshaping the precision and efficiency of production processes.

The adoption of portable measurement devices, particularly 3D scanners, has revolutionized the landscape of advanced manufacturing. These tools are enhancing flexibility and speed in quality control and inspection tasks. The ability to bring metrology equipment directly to the production line or even to remote locations eliminates the need for transporting parts to a fixed CMM, thereby reducing downtime and accelerating workflows.

3D scanning, in particular, stands out for its ability to capture detailed and accurate representations of complex geometries. These devices offer unparalleled precision, capable of detecting minute deviations that could compromise product integrity. The versatility of 3D scanners allows them to be used across various stages of the manufacturing process, from initial design and prototyping to final quality checks, ensuring that every component meets stringent specifications.

Moreover, the integration of portable measurement devices into digital manufacturing ecosystems facilitates real-time data acquisition and analysis. This seamless flow of information enhances decision-making processes, supports predictive maintenance, and drives continuous improvement initiatives. The result is a more agile, responsive, and efficient manufacturing operation.

This month saw the release of a number of new portable 3D scanning products and announcement of news portable metrology technology partnerships which are included in the newsletter below. Featured articles this month included “Continuing Role of Portable Measurement in an Age of Automation and Smart Manufacturing“, “Navigating The Shift To Automated Manufacturing With 3D Scanning“, “Portable 3D Scanners Revolutionize Manufacturing Quality Control“, “Automotive EV Smart Factory Focussed on Automated Quality Control“, “Quality Control In Welding: Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy with 2D/3D Laser Profilers“. 

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Hexagon Introduces Its First Handheld 3D Scanners

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has introduced new handheld 3D scanning technology that complements its broad range of manufacturing inspection devices with unprecedented capabilities for flexible measurement. The company’s first handheld 3D scanning devices, they enable engineers and manufacturing personnel to easily scan what they need in a wide range of environments inside and outside factory walls … read more

3D Scanner Launched For Large Part Measurement

Kreon Technologies has announced that innovation in 3D scanning technology has reached new heights with the launch of its latest achievement: the Skyline XTRA WIDE. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Skyline XTRA WIDE 3D scanner is a cutting-edge device that promises to augment the 3D scanning experience through its remarkable extra-wide laser line width for scanning large parts of any industry … read more

Portable Wide Area CMM Adds Laser Scanning

Keyence has launched an updated version of its WM Series Wide Area CMM, boasting a measurement range of up to 25 meters, enabling single-person measurements for targets of any size. This extensive measuring range is ideal for large targets, assemblies, and equipment across various industries. The WM Series features two probes: a contact probe and a laser-scanning probe, allowing for both dimensional and complex shape measurements … read more

Manufacturer Reaps The Benefits of 3D Scanning

Founded in 1883, Amazone has a rich heritage of over 140 years in developing agricultural equipment that blends tradition with innovative technologies. Still a family-run business to this day, Amazone is based in Germany and is a worldwide leader in agricultural machinery, with an expansive sales network across the globe. A dedicated team ensures that the company’s equipment not only meets but exceeds the evolving demands of modern agriculture … read more

Continuing Role of Portable Measurement in an Age of Automation and Smart Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of smart manufacturing, automation and advanced technologies such as Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping production processes. With these advancements, one might assume that traditional measurement tools are becoming obsolete. However, portable measurement solutions such as portable arms, laser trackers, and handheld laser scanners continue to play a critical role … read more

Navigating The Shift To Automated Manufacturing With 3D Scanning

In today’s manufacturing sectors, companies are continually confronted with various pressing challenges. Labor shortages and rising labor costs require innovative solutions to maintain productivity with less staff. In addition, relentless inflation continues to exert pressure on raw material costs, squeezing margins. Manufacturers are also racing against tight production timelines, driven by the imperative of shorter time-to-market windows … read more

Automotive EV Smart Factory Focussed on Automated Quality Control

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has become China’s eighth-largest electric vehicle manufacturer after launching its SU7 sedan model, in April. Xiaomi’s entry into the crowded China EV market is set to further disrupt the world’s largest auto market. Xiaomi is a household name in China renowned for its smartphone and home appliance products. Xiaomi leverages cutting-edge technology to implement rigorous quality checks at every production stage … read more

Portable 3D Scanners Revolutionize Manufacturing Quality Control

The last decade has seen remarkable advancements in the field of manufacturing, driven largely by the integration of new technologies. Among these, portable 3D scanners have emerged as a game-changer, significantly impacting quality control processes. These devices have not only enhanced the precision and efficiency of quality inspections but also transformed the way manufacturers approach production and maintenance … read more

Mercedes-Benz Becomes First Manufacturer To X-ray Vehicle Crash Test

The technical sensation begins with a very loud bang. At 60 km/h, a device with a crash barrier rams into the orange C-Class saloon and hits it full on the side. Crash tests are always something special – even for the experts. But the really spectacular part of this side impact test is located in a frame on the hall ceiling above the vehicle: A linear accelerator serves as an X-ray camera. Mercedes-Benz has now carries out the world’s first X-ray crash with a real car … read more

Quality Control In Welding: Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy with 2D/3D Laser Profilers

Welding is one of the most important and common fabrication processes, and it uses heat to melt and fuse two parts (typically metals) together. Metal welding involves melting the metal and adding a filler to form a pool of molten material, which then cools to form a joint. However, welding isn’t as simple as just pushing filler material into a pool of molten metal at the joint itself. It’s a controlled process affected by numerous factors … read more

LYNX2 Elevates Automated Visual Inspection For Large Assembly Manufacturing

Accurex Measurement, a leading precision measurement and inspection solutions provider in USA, has announces the launch of the LYNX2 visual inspection system. LYNX2, named after its advanced capabilities and feline-like precision, is designed to transform the landscape of automated machine vision inspection to manufacture aerostructures and other large assemblies. LYNX2 provides unparalleled reliability and efficiency in machine vision inspection … read more

Process and Quality Control Techniques as Additive Manufacturing Goes Mainstream

As additive manufacturing continues to mature and gain traction in mainstream production, the importance of stringent process and quality control cannot be overstated. (AM) is revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. Originally associated with prototyping and small-scale production, AM has evolved into a robust technology capable of producing high-quality, end-use parts across various industries, from aerospace to healthcare … read more

Large Components Prepared in Seconds With Reference Points For 3D Scanning

The placing of reference points required for 3D scanning of large-sized parts such as large machine components, automobiles or boats is time-consuming and laborious. AESUB is therefore now offering continuous dots on a roll which can be quickly and easily removed and placed on large areas. The, over 50 metre-long, transparent adhesive strip contains retroreflective reference points measuring 6 millimetres all along its length … read more

3D Scanning and Optical Tracking Solutions To Be Powered by Verisurf Software

Verisurf and Scantech Digital have entered a metrology solutions agreement. Under this agreement, Verisurf will offer complete metrology solutions by combining its popular model-based inspection, measurement, and reverse engineering software with training and live technical support, along with Scantech 3D scanners and optical trackers. Verisurf software, combined with Scantech 3D scanners delivers optimized, time-saving workflows with repeatable process control … read more

‘Live Inspect’ Scan Adjustment Software For AM Parts

Desktop Metal, a global leader in Additive Manufacturing 2.0 technologies for mass production, has announced the launch of Live Inspect for analyzing and correcting errors in 3D printed parts. Live Inspect allows manufacturers to dial in accuracy and 3D print parts that hit higher tolerances. The software analyzes features on a 3D scan, such as holes, slots, and planar surfaces, and provides tolerance analysis according to standard geometric dimensioning and tolerancing … read more

ZEISS Announces Software Sales Partnership With Artec 3D

ZEISS is cooperating with Artec 3D, a Luxemburg-based technology company that develops, manufactures, and distributes handheld and portable 3D scanners. Under the agreement, Artec 3D will offer ZEISS’ state-of-the-art inspection software as a valuable extension to their range of 3D scanning hardware. The combination of ZEISS software with Artec 3D scanners allows an increasing user group to benefit from an outstanding 3D solution … read more

Innovative Robotic Solution For Precise Machining of Composites

Carbon or glass fibre composite parts are becoming increasingly common in sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, construction and wind power due to their lightness and high strength. For example, in electric vehicles, these composites allow the car to be lighter in order to reduce consumption. IDEKO has developed an artificial vision system that increases the robot’s precision, using various cameras and photogrammetric algorithms … read more

Renishaw Introduces Worlds Smallest Wireless Machine Tool Probe

Renishaw has announced the availability of the RMP24-micro, the worlds smallest wireless probe for machine tools. This innovative probe combines compact dimensions with exceptional metrology performance, making it a valuable tool for precision manufacturing. The RMP24-micro measures just 24 mm in diameter and 31.4 mm in length. Despite its small form factor, it delivers impressive measurement repeatability of 0.35 µm 2σ, setting a new standard … read more

$45 Million Investment In Innovmetric To Support Digital Transformation Growth

InnovMetric is starting a new chapter in its history. The multinational company, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in business this year, welcomes its very first financial partner. The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is joining the company with a $45 million dollar investment to support it in its long-term growth perspective becoming shareholders of the 3D measurement software company. Having built a reputation for excellence with each of the world’s 100 largest manufacturers … read more

The Role of AI in Continuous Improvement: Fostering Manufacturing Innovation

AI and automation have the power to completely transform manufacturing plants across the U.S. Grants and incentives from the government make it easier than ever to start upgrading plants to embrace innovative technologies designed to improve product quality, safety on the work floor, and produce output. Yet, only 44% of the manufacturing companies in the U.S. use AI in their plants. AI is key in continual improvements that put your plant ahead of the competition … read more

Enhancing Quality and Process Control in Advanced Manufacturing With Edge Computing

In the realm of advanced and smart manufacturing, the pursuit of efficiency, quality, and innovation is relentless. Companies continually seek to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve product quality to maintain a competitive edge. A transformative technology that is significantly contributing to these goals is edge computing. By processing data closer to its source, edge computing offers manufacturers real-time insights, enhanced process control … read more

3D Scanning Spray Streamlines Scanning Process By Eliminating Reference Points

3D scanners often need reference points for orientation, which are usually attached to the object before scanning and removed afterward. This process can be particularly time-consuming for larger components. The newly launched TopoTrack forms a structure on the surface, allowing the scanner to orient itself and maintain tracking stability. This innovation eliminates the need for glued-on reference points, enabling faster manual guidance of the scanner … read more

Mahr Develop Gear Measuring Station For Double-Flank Roller Test

Mahr MWF has developed and built a measuring machine for double-flank gear roll testing to meet the individual requirements of a customer. This machine tests the form feature concentricity deviation Fr on the internal toothing of gears. The noise development of the subsequent gearbox can then be predicted on the basis of the measurement results. This is an important aspect, particularly in electromobility. The aim of this measuring principle is to test how well gears mesh … read more

New Technique Improves Finishing Time for 3D-Printed Machine Parts

North Carolina State University researchers have demonstrated a technique that allows companies who manufacture metal machine parts with 3D printing technologies to conduct automated quality control of manufactured parts during the finishing process. The technique allows users to identify potential flaws without having to remove the parts from the manufacturing equipment, making production time more efficient … read more


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