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Large Components Prepared in Seconds With Reference Points For 3D Scanning

The placing of reference points required for 3D scanning of large-sized parts such as large machine components, automobiles or boats is time-consuming and laborious. AESUB is therefore now offering continuous dots on a roll which can be quickly and easily removed and placed on large areas. The, over 50 metre-long, transparent adhesive strip contains retroreflective reference points measuring 6 millimetres all along its length. The dots are distributed across the adhesive strip at irregular intervals of 50 – 70 millimetres.

Because the adhesive tape is perforated at intervals of approx. 50 centimetres, it can be easily adapted to the relevant part size. The transparent film is flexible and adapts to freeform surfaces even without folding.

Within just a few seconds, the continuous dots have been positioned which means that the scanning process can begin immediately. Because the carrier film is transparent and very thin, only the dots are recognised and scanning through the carrier material can occur. After scanning, the adhesive tape can be removed just as quickly and easily.

With large component parts, the continuous dots save several hours of work spent affixing and removing the measurement points. In addition, handling is significantly more ergonomic compared with individual adhesive dots.

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