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Portable Wide Area CMM Adds Laser Scanning

Keyence has launched an updated version of its WM Series Wide Area CMM, boasting a measurement range of up to 25 meters, enabling single-person measurements for targets of any size. This extensive measuring range is ideal for large targets, assemblies, and equipment across various industries. The WM Series features two probes: a contact probe and a laser-scanning probe, allowing for both dimensional and complex shape measurements. Users can seamlessly switch between probes without needing to adjust complicated settings.

Scanning measurement can be performed for free-form shapes, complex curves, and other unique shapes.

Three-Camera Principle For High-Accuracy, Wide-Area Measurement

The WM-6000’s innovative measurement principle employs a tracking camera to capture near-infrared light from the probe markers. In addition, the probe search camera and reference camera ensure high-accuracy measurements over a wide area. The tracking camera precisely detects the position and orientation of the markers on the probe held by the operator. The reference camera, featuring a built-in chart, measures the camera angle with high accuracy without relying on traditional encoders (±120° left or right, and ±30° up or down). The probe search camera instantly recognizes and tracks the light emitted by the probe, enabling measurements to be conducted anywhere within the wide measurement area.

Laser-Scanning Probe Provides Measurement Flexibility

The WM-6000 stands out for its ease of use, as it lacks encoders or joints typical of portable arm CMMs, allowing for scanning from any angle. It features 30 line lasers (15 on each side), ensuring high-speed scanning even for large targets. The high-power lasers enable effective scanning of glossy, mirrored, or plated surfaces. Additionally, a texture camera captures and saves the surface conditions of the scanned target for future reference. The WM-6000 scanning probe includes seven markers in four different directions, totaling 28 markers, providing flexibility in part scanning.

The probe is equipped with a built-in touch screen, allowing users to access the same functions as a PC. This feature enables real-time result checking, eliminating the need to constantly refer to a PC and ensuring reliable scanning of all measurement areas.

Scanned data can be overlaid with images from the texture camera, enhancing the visibility of joints in welded and assembled products. Processing instructions and marking lines can also be saved on these images. The built-in 405 nm violet laser emits sharp, high-power beams for smooth scanning of any target. The output can be switched to a single high-power laser for scanning plated and other mirror surfaces.

The probe’s touch panel allows for the same operations as a PC, enabling users to check scanning results in real-time without needing to view a separate PC screen.

Wireless Connectivity Between Camera and PC

Adoption of wireless communication between the camera and PC eliminates the need for the PC to be near the camera and target. This allows for use even in tight or limited spaces and also makes moving the camera easier, expanding the range of applications.

The WM-6000’s is supplied with intuitive metrology software offering a minimal learning curve and includes a variety of icons for immediate operation regardless of the operator’s experience level. In addition to distance, angle, holes, and other basic measurements, complex measurements, including virtual center-lines, GD&T, XYZ coordinate measurements, and CAD comparisons are possible.

A Temperature Compensation function ensures measurements are performed under the same standards, even if the ambient temperature is not constant. By selecting the current temperature and the material, and the WM-6000 will automatically compensate for the standard temperature dimensions.

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