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Wafer Stages for Thin Film Metrology and Glass Substrate Inspection

PI, a leader in nanopositioning and motion control, is offering granite-based multi-axis precision motion systems for the automation of wafer metrology, glass substrate inspection and lithography applications. These highly accurate stages are based on modular concepts that allow fast customizations. Several technologies are available including air bearings, rails-on-granite, and several types of piezo drive systems. Large travel ranges of one meter and more can be achieved with a variety of different configurations. The XYZ-Theta example stage shown is designed for thin film metrology equipped with direct drive motors, nanometer resolution encoders, and high-performance ACS motion controllers.

A granite base plate is available for stability and can hold the G-901 EtherCat-based motion controller with ACS driver module. PI supports customers, system integrators, and machine builders to quickly configure and integrate the appropriate multi-axis positioning system, reducing design and development time while optimizing the outcome.

In addition to preconfigured granite-based stages, PI can quickly provide custom design concepts with split-bridge or gantry designs. Integration of parallel-kinematics hexapod 6-axis stages, linear, rotary, and goniometer stages is also available.

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