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Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer Reaps The Benefits of 3D Scanning

Founded in 1883, Amazone has a rich heritage of over 140 years in developing agricultural equipment that blends tradition with innovative technologies. Still a family-run business to this day, Amazone is based in Germany and is a worldwide leader in agricultural machinery, with an expansive sales network across the globe.

A dedicated team ensures that the company’s equipment not only meets but exceeds the evolving demands of modern agriculture. “Amazone has a reputation for designing high-quality solutions,” explains Stefan Albrecht, Metrologist at Amazone. “For example, here at the Leipzig site, we are responsible for passive tillage. We take into account modern and cost-effective arable farming methods when we design our machinery, thereby truly contributing to the operational success and growth of our customers.”

Stefan Albrecht is part of a ten-person team that is responsible for quality assurance. “We have been using 3D measurements for over ten years. We check parts produced in-house and by third-party suppliers. Production inspections in the welding shop are part of our daily routine. A major focus for us is the inspection of welded assemblies and their fixtures.”

Conventional 3D Measurement Technologies Limit Quality Control Accuracy and Efficiency

As a company that prides itself on quality, Amazone has always been at the forefront of adopting technologies that enhance its production standards. Over the years, the team used a 3D measuring arm for various quality control tasks.

As product designs evolved, challenges arose in acquiring highly accurate 3D measurements, especially with large assemblies and large parts, due to the arm’s small radius of action. “The accuracy decreased with the necessary leapfrogging when using the measuring arm,” says Stefan Albrecht. “Slow measurement speeds limited our capabilities—and even ramped up the workload for the team.”

Many components had to be placed on a measuring plate because the arm required a flat magnetic surface for attachment, making it often impossible to acquire measurements on most assemblies.

Increasing repair costs of the legacy system was also an issue. It was time for the Amazone team to look for alternative solutions to increase inspection efficiency and maintain the high level of quality the company’s customers have come to expect for over a century. The procurement criteria for the new 3D measurement technologies centered around the gains Amazone wanted to achieve:

  • A significant increase in measuring speed, volume and accuracy
  • A simplified 3D measurement process
  • Reliance on a robust system that could handle industrial environments

“When we were looking for a more suitable 3D measurement system, one of our biggest fears was that we would invest in a solution that would be overtaken by other technologies in the near future. We were concerned about the ensuing support as well,” explains Stefan Albrecht.

Amazone benefits from a simplified 3D measurement process with Creaform solutions

A Game-Changer For Quality Control Methods

The search for a solution led Amazone to Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D. “The MetraSCAN 3D fulfilled all of our criteria,” says Stefan Albrecht. “We really appreciate its flexibility and robustness—not to mention how fast it allows us to record and analyze 3D measurements. It has no problems with different types of surfaces, whether painted, cut, blasted or fired. It also handles very well.”

Amazone’s QC team often uses the MetraSCAN 3D at a large measuring station in the production area. “The various parts are fed in from production and then scanned with the MetraSCAN 3D. These parts are then compared with the model using the 3D measurement software,” Stefan Albrecht continues to explain. The parts that Amazone experts scan include rear swing arms and welded assemblies (middle frames, side frames, drawbars, rollers, and roller frames).

“Compared to our old system, we have become significantly faster. The entire measuring process and data collection has become much easier. We are now more prepared to respond to new production challenges as well as improve our incoming inspections and production control.”

Thanks to the MetraSCAN 3D, Amazone can completely scan assemblies to more proactively act to deviations and welding distortions, ensuring more comprehensive dimensional checks. Stefan Albrecht concludes: “For us, the future lies in the use of the MetraSCAN 3D from Creaform.”

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