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Smart Camera Vision System Offers Built-in AI

KEYENCE recently announced the launch of a new smart camera vision system line, the VS Series.

The VS Series incorporates advanced lens control technology, effectively managing 19 lenses within an IP67 smart camera. The innovation eliminates the need for manual lens selection or physical adjustments, thus empowering a single camera model to seamlessly adapt to various imaging requirements with the click of a button.

Use Both AI and Rules-Based Tools on the Same Image

AI and rule-based systems both have pros and cons. The VS Series offers both AI and rule-based inspections, allowing the user to select the best tool for any inspection. Building appropriate solutions is quick using a wide range of vision tools.

The VS Series allows for immediate visualization and analysis with intuitive operations. No specialized knowledge or programming skills are required to make use of image inspection data.

ZoomTrax – Optical Zoom With No Resolution Loss

A series of mechanical zoom lenses allows a single camera to be used across a wide range of mounting distances and fields of view without changing lenses. Customized CMOS sensors are available from 1.6 to 15 MP. By integrating a series of 19 lenses and a CMOS sensor, the VS Series realizes high-grade optical performance with minimal distortion.

Freely adjustable field of view

Using optical zoom, the VS can easily change the field of view without sacrificing resolution. All adjustments can be completed from the software making no mechanical changes necessary. The VS Series utilizes a unique auto-focus algorithm to create the best image. This optimizes images for code reading, measurement, and flaw detection applications that require high resolution.

Integrated AI Tools

The VS Series offers two easy-to-use AI tools that can be used by teaching images. Edge AI tools can be programmed with almost any number of images. Unlike typical deep learning tools, Edge AI tools can be applied quickly and easily.

Lighting Techniques and Algorithms for Reliable Inspections

The new series supports power over ethernet, allowing power to be supplied to both camera and light with a single ethernet connection and comes with a high-intensity smart ring illumination that features snap-on installation and the ability to cut ambient light. It has up to 7 GB internal storage, up to 44 fps framerate, and up to 4,400 x 3,295 MPixel resolution.

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