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Mitutoyo Launches Ultra High Accuracy ‘Artisan’ CMM

Mitutoyo Japan has announced the release of the LEGEX Takumi model ultra high accuracy coordinate measuring machine.

The LEGEX Takumi not only analyzes and eliminates error factors from conventional models, but also utilizes ultra-high precision lapping technology and finishing technology cultivated through the ‘Takumi Meister System’ to achieve a maximum allowable length measurement error of: 0,MPE = (0.23+0.7L/1000)μm, achieving 26% higher accuracy than previous LEGEX models. The level of quoted accuracy means that when measuring a 1 m object, the error is less than 0.93 μm as compared to the 1.28 μm  with the previous model;  meaning that the CMM measurement accuracy has entered the sub-micrometer level.

Mitutoyo has created the breakthrough CMM through the integration of cutting-edge technology with Takumi skills. (Takumi is the Japanese word meaning artisan with superb craftsmanship). During the manufacturing process ultra-precise lapping technology is used delivering ultra-precise axis straightness and perpendicularity.

The LEGEX Takumi model range comprises four models: 5.7.4 | 7.7.4 | 7.7.6 | 9.10.6. The machine use ultra high accuracy crystallized glass scales offering 0.01 μm resolution.

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