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Mahr Introduces New Portable Surface Measuring Instrument

Mahr has introduced the new MarSurf M 410 mobile surface measurement instrument. The MarSurf M 410 uses a skidless probe system designed for both laboratory and production environments that makes recording and evaluating measurement data easier, more precise, and more versatile.

The portable M 410 introduces features that were previously only available in PC-based systems. It is designed to provide high precision and accuracy for surface roughness measurements on small and large workpieces and features a large, illuminated, rotatable 4.3” high-resolution touchscreen. The device employs the stylus method to enable high-precision testing of roughness, waviness, and primary parameters, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. It features a wide measuring range of 500 µm (with optional 1,000 µm and 1,500 µm rangesand a probe tip as fine as 2 µm, ensuring versatility for a wide variety of surface measurement tasks.

The MarSurf M 410 also features a modular design, consisting of the MarSurf M 410 operating unit and the MarSurf MD 26 drive unit. These components can be easily separated and connected via a supplied USB cable, enhancing flexibility and ease of operation. The operating unit can be utilized in various configurations, such as on a workstation or mounted on a stand.

Furthermorethe MarSurf M 410 streamlines reporting with the ability to automatically generate measuring reports in PDF format. Users can effortlessly print these reports to letter-sized paper via Bluetooth or USB. Additionally, it offers an optional integration of a QR/barcode/data matrix code scanner, simplifying data entry and speeding up processes.

Additionally, theMarSurf M 410 mobile surface measurement system is available with an integrated connection to MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software. This allows the M 410 to be used as a drive unit for the MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software, enabling another way to interface and control the M 410 while providing the complete functionality of the touchscreen unit on a PC. Users can fully operate the M 410, change filter settings, calculate additional parameters, and more, instead of just viewing the stored measurements. Direct connection to the PC is available via a USB cable or Bluetooth adapter. The integrated software offers 55 parameters, similar to a laboratory instrument, along with extensive memory for data storage and calibration functions for probe arms.

To ensure enhanced traceability, the MarSurf M410 is equipped with the MarConnect-Duplex interface, allowing for the transmission of gage IDs with each measurement. This feature enables documentation of the measuring device used, ensuring traceability of measurement results.

Additional features include:

Automatic probe positioning: The device streamlines measurement processes with automatic probe positioning and probing, supported by a magnetic probe arm holder for quick probe changes without tools.

Versatile docking station: The metal docking station offers various tilt levels, motorized height adjustment over 7.5 mm, and manual tilt adjustment over 1° through software-supported assistance, enabling measurements in all positions, including overhead.

Comprehensive interfaces: The instrument boasts a variety of interfaces, including an SD slot, MarConnect-Duplex interface, micro-USB, and USB-a, ensuring seamless data management.

With a practical touch display, integrated PDF memory, and Bluetooth data transmission, the MarSurf M 410 opens up new possibilities for precision surface measurement. Accessories, such as a mobile Bluetooth printer for profiles, MRC, ADC curve, and results, along with a mini-USB interface, further enhance its versatility.

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