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Software Ecosystem For Measurement Technology and Quality Assurance Released

With the release of the new ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software, ZEISS offers its Industrial Quality Solutions customers numerous new functions. ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D is the solution for the inspection and evaluation of 3D measurement data. With this release, data acquisition is further accelerated and evaluation functions are further improved. The new Autosurfacing app also automatically converts scan data into a high-precision CAD model.

More Powerful New Functions

Geometric Dimensioning

Customers master their daily metrological challenges with software from ZEISS. ZEISS INSPECT combines various technologies and applications for this purpose. Data evaluation is possible independently of the system. Since its market launch, ZEISS INSPECT has become the industry standard for optical metrological inspection and evaluation. Today, it includes CT-based quality inspection in addition to optical inspection.

For the analysis of CT data, ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray offers all the necessary functions. This year, defect analysis will become even easier. The new Multiview function makes it possible to display and analyze multiple workspaces with different perspectives of the component in parallel. The feature new Region of Interest feature helps to analyze individual parts of a component with different tolerances.

With ZEISS INSPECT, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions lays the foundation for a logical further development of its software landscape. The vision is software that can solve all 3D quality and metrology tasks. ZEISS INSPECT thus becomes the 3D metrology software for a wide range of challenges.

ZEISS Quality Suite

Digital Assembly

ZEISS INSPECT forms the core of the ZEISS Quality Suite – the one central touchpoint for the user. The platform offers software products and complementary services. Direct access to trainings, updates, news and apps simplifies daily work in metrology. With this year’s release, customers can purchase license subscriptions in the ZEISS Quality Software Store in an automated self-service (initially offered in Germany only). Metrologists also have the option of further customizing their software: many apps for solving specific measurement tasks are available in the store, some of them free of charge.

The ZEISS Quality Suite enables a seamless, cross-product workflow combining ZEISS INSPECT with ZEISS PiWeb for comprehensive statistics and reporting options. “The ZEISS Quality Suite is a holistic, digital control center for metrology,” says Christoph Grieser, Head of Global Software Sales at IQS.

Successful Software Growth Path

In response to current developments in industry, ZEISS are constantly adapting its innovative quality assurance solutions and growing software portfolio to the changing needs in booming industries such as e-mobility, aerospace, medical technology, and the energy and electronics sectors.

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