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Mitutoyo Industrial X-Ray Strategic Collaboration Announced

Mitutoyo Europe has announced an innovative collaboration with RX Solutions, a pioneering French manufacturer of Industrial X-ray CT Scanning Systems.

Mitutoyo’s unparalleled expertise in precision measurement combined with RX Solutions’ cutting-edge X-ray imaging technology promises to revolutionize industrial inspections across various sectors, including plastic injection, electronics, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and more.

At Mitutoyo, there is a continuous effort to provide customers with the most advanced solutions for precision measurement. The collaboration with RX Solutions opens up a new dimension of non-destructive testing capabilities, ensuring the highest level of quality control and component examination.

RX Solutions, renowned for its high precision and innovative X-ray and CT systems, is set to leverage Mitutoyo’s extensive network to reach a broader audience of manufacturers, laboratories, and research centers. This collaboration enables Mitutoyo to share the benefits of RX Solutions’ state-of-the-art technology with interested customers.

Collaborating with RX Solutions marks a significant milestone for Mitutoyo. Together, they aim to provide unparalleled solutions for customers’ most critical inspections, addressing their unique needs with precision and accuracy.

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