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Optical 3D Scanning Aids Launched to Enhance Precise Measurements

At the Formnext exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany  scanning specialist AESUB 3D has launched two new products to aid optical 3D scanning applications.

Precise Measurements With Magnetic Dodecahedra

The new AESUB Dices enhance optical measuring processes and offer numerous advantages for precise measurements. The faces of the dice are never symmetrical which allows for continuous measurements from five different angles. Eleven reference points are placed in a small space to precisely and reliably capture the part dimensions from all perspectives.

Since the AESUB Dices are magnetic, they are perfect for measurements involving metallic parts. Alternatively, the dice are also available equipped with a thread, thereby opening up more potential applications.

A set of AESUB Dices comprises of twelve dice in total plus the accompanying AESUB Dots. The self-adhesive, retroreflective reference points with a diameter of 6 mm are placed on the surfaces of the dice, meaning that no measurement points need to be placed onto the object to be scanned.

The AESUB Dices are polygons in the form of a dodecahedron and produced in black as standard, but are available in white or transparent on request. Naturally, the dice are also available without targets, enabling the user to stick on the AESUB Dots required for his or her application.

Modular Measuring Frame Provides Fast, Flexible, Efficient 3D Scanning

The AESUB Rack is a modular measuring frame which, with just a few movements, can also be precisely positioned around large or complex parts for the purpose of optical measurements. Due to its tensioning system, the individual components can be mounted quickly and easily around the part, thereby enabling near-contour alignment.

The rack is particularly suitable for mini production runs with 2-3 objects or for large, complex parts. Reference points can be placed directly onto the frame. Modular in construction, the AESUB Rack can be modified and adapted to new requirements at any time. Elements of the AESUB Rack can be shaped or bent to bring it closer to the geometry of the component.

The measuring frame is perfect for pilot or small production runs and prototypes and can provide benefits in situations requiring ad hoc or precise measurements.

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