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Partnership to Advance Embedded Vision to the Market

Aetina Europe, a leading AI solution provider, and STEMMER IMAGING, a leading international partner for machine vision technology, have announced their ecosystem partnership aimed at delivering cutting-edge embedded vision solutions to the market. This strategic technological collaboration harnesses the combined expertise of both organizations to deliver customers the most advanced and innovative technology solutions available.

This strategic partnership unites Aetina’s state-of-the-art hardware with STEMMER IMAGING’s software expertise, forging a new ecosystem that can be flexibly used in vision applications for a wide range of industry including factory automation. Aetina’s embedded devices powered by the most powerful NVIDIA Jetson modules, combined with STEMMER IMAGING’s algorithms and state-of-the-art cameras will offer customers plug and play efficiency for the rapid development of embedded vision and AI projects, significantly streamlining the installation and implementation process. As explained by Uwe Kemm, Chief Operations Officer at STEMMER IMAGING AG, “through this partnership we want to enable developers to integrate embedded vision into their devices easily, quickly and flexibly by supporting them in the best possible way. Our Modular Embedded Ecosystem is the most flexible offering on the market and is easy to integrate into a wide variety of applications.”

This landmark initiative represents a pivotal moment for both companies, as it reinforces STEMMER IMAGING’s position as a frontrunner in the field of machine vision technology. The partnership underscores both parties’ commitment to ensuring that industries across the globe have access to the most advanced tools and solutions to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity.

“The combination of Aetina’s technical hardware design know-how with STEMMER IMAGING’s image processing application expertise ensures an optimized offering for a broad customer base”, says Johannes Hiltner, Director Product Management at STEMMER IMAGING AG. “In our collaboration with Aetina Europe, we can also implement future and potentially new customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively.”

“At Aetina Europe, we are excited to join forces with STEMMER IMAGING to create this powerful ecosystem partnership,” adds Kuankuan Cao, Regional Business Unit Head – EMEA at Aetina. “Our shared commitment to innovation and excellence will enable us to deliver unparalleled embedded solutions that drive advancements in industrial automation, quality control, and beyond.”

As part of this ecosystem partnership, Aetina Europe and STEMMER IMAGING are actively collaborating on the development of new products and solutions that will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in industrial automation and machine vision technology.

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