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Mecmesin Expands Torque Tester Range

Mecmesin has announced the expansion of its range of software-controlled torque testers. The latest additions to the lineup, the VortexPro and the HelixaPro, allow torque testing up to a capacity of 30 N.m. These compact models feature a precision motor that drives the tester to a specified angle while gradually applying torque to the specimen, measured by a highly accurate ETS torque sensor. With their small footprint, the VortexPro and HelixaPro are perfect for laboratory or production environments where benchtop space is limited.

In line with the new modern Mecmesin branding, the Vortex and Helixa range has received a refreshed look, creating a uniform and cohesive visual identity across the entire product family.

Neil Pryke, U.K. Managing Director, commented, “Innovative engineering and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs have come together to create a range of torque testers that not only incorporate the latest technological advancements in VectorPro, our easy-to-use and intelligent test analysis software, but also look great in any laboratory or QC environment. Our products prioritize powerful functionality, intuitive operation, and touchscreen friendliness, ensuring faster, smarter testing with accurate, reliable, and reproducible results.”

Designed to meet the most demanding torque measurement applications across a wide spectrum of industries, the Mecmesin range of software-controlled torque testers caters to the diverse needs of both Research and Development laboratories and Quality Assurance environments.

The HelixaPro features a counterbalance mechanism and allows for fine adjustment of the alignment between gripping fixtures. This ensures that torque is applied precisely in-axis, making the HelixaPro the ideal choice for challenging applications where very light torque is being measured. The HelixaPro is ideally suited for measuring the mechanical properties of various small components and assemblies used in medical devices, watches, cosmetics applicators, and bearings to ensure they meet strict quality criteria.

The VortexPro is an all-round torque tester designed to accommodate larger test specimens than the HelixaPro. It excels, for example, when evaluating the closure removal torque of a wide range of specimens such as bottles and containers. Like the HelixaPro, the VortexPro delivers quantitative results with a high degree of repeatability, crucial for effective quality control.

The HelixaPro and VortexPro models incorporate state-of-the-art electronics and a range of high-resolution precision Enhanced Torque Sensors (ETS). With an impressive reading accuracy of 0.5% and a resolution of 1:50,000, these machines enable a broader range of tests to be performed without the need to switch torque sensors. This advancement in technology ensures exceptional torque measurement accuracy, setting a new industry standard.

Both cutting-edge torque testers offer a user-friendly front panel, live torque and angle readings, and precise manual positioning of the rotary table using the multifunction controller. With colored LEDs providing visual cues to indicate the machine’s status during testing, these models ensure a seamless testing experience.

Customers also have the possibility to choose the HelixaPro or VortexPro with an optional Touchscreen Controller, designed as a convenient alternative to a desktop or laptop PC. The Touchscreen Controller operates with Microsoft WindowsÒ and comes pre-installed with Mecmesin’s VectorPro® software, making it ready for immediate use with both models. This seamless integration allows users to streamline their testing process and enhance productivity.

“The new HelixaPro and VortexPro models perfectly complement VectorPro, which many already consider the most intuitive and feature-rich testing software on the market. Solving customer problems is in the Mecmesin DNA, and we are now uniquely positioned to offer a range of torque testing solutions at an affordable price. For the torque market especially, we feel the CFR Part 11 compliance module now available in VectorPro will resonate strongly with many of our medical device and pharmaceutical customers.,” said John Page, PPT Group Managing Director.

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