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Sandvik Invests In AI-Based Closed Loop Manufacturing Software Company

Sandvik recently announced it is acquiring a minority stake in the privately owned German company up2parts, a closed loop manufacturing software start-up with the aim of commercializing software that optimize manufacturing processes.

up2parts is a German start-up supporting enterprises with AI-based software solutions for autonomous and sustainable manufacturing. These solutions will simplify future manufacturing flows, from design to quoting and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing). The cloud solutions developed by up2parts are iterated and validated in association with its sister manufacturing facility, MAB GmbH, which is part of the Lighthouse program for Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions.

The objective of up2parts is to combine human cognition, AI and knowledge with standards to perform autonomous work plan creation, quoting and CAM programming, addressing one of the biggest pain points in manufacturing: the lack of skilled workers.

“Generative AI has rapidly evolved as a technology for manufacturing and will play an important role in the future of closed-loop manufacturing. Our investment in up2parts will fit Sandvik’s ambitions in leveraging cloud and AI technologies to solve the automation needs in CAM and thereby simplify manufacturing,” says Magnus Malmström, Chief Technology Officer at Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions.

Sandvik’s investment is made simultaneously as German-based Schaeffler Group, “The complete digitalization of manufacturing is Schaeffler’s top priority,” says Andreas Schick, Chief Operating Officer responsible for Production, Supply Chain Management, and Purchasing at Schaeffler AG. “It will make our global manufacturing network more agile, efficient, and fast and is thus critical to the success of Schaeffler. Acquiring a stake in up2parts is the next logical step in transforming, in cooperation with a strong partner, our 83 manufacturing plants into semiautonomous and sustainable factories.” Schaeffler already cooperates with up2parts and DMG MORI, up2parts’ other stakeholder, at Schaeffler’s state-of-the-art tool technology center in Höchstadt. Together, they established an integrated system for digitalization of toolmaking with AI-based route sheet creation.

“The strategic investors Sandvik and Schaeffler not only strengthen our financial base, but also bring valuable expertise and market knowledge. Their expertise will help us make our vision of a digital and efficient manufacturing landscape real. We are convinced that this strategic partnership will lead to a promising future. Together, we will fully exploit the potential of digital manufacturing and set new standards in the industry.” Marco Bauer, Chief Executive Officer at up2parts GmbH

“The investment will enhance the collaboration between industry-leading companies that share a common ambition to meet evolving customer expectations of simplified manufacturing through AI-based automation,” adds Magnus Malmström.

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