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June 2022 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

With what seems an almost constant stream of automated inspection and measurement products being introduced to the market, we witnessed many of these products being showcased at automation exhibitions this month in both North America and Europe, at the ‘Automate’ and ‘Automatica’ events. Demonstrating just how critical automation is becoming to manufacturing, as it attempts to harness automation to overcome the global labour shortages, the organizers have published impressive attendance levels for both events. North America also reported record robot numbers for the first quarter 2022.

Inspection and measurement continue to take centre stage in the factories of the future, some of which are now coming on stream, including an example of BMW’s iFactory, which showcased a smorgasbord of advanced automated inspection products integrated into the advanced automated manufacturing facility.

As manufacturing industry seeks to automate many of the labour-intensive quality control tasks optical measurement technologies continue to eke out a primary role. This month we reported on many such new systems launched including a MEMS-based 3D camera system,  a 3D stereo sensor, and a 5-axis 3D scanning machine. As industry transitions towards digitization of its manufacturing process this month’s featured articles include ‘How Autonomous Will Production Be In 2030?’,  ‘Automation Accelerates Smart Manufacturing Productivity’, ‘Quality Assurance Transitions from Measurement to Manufacturing Intelligence’, and ‘Time to Close the Gap Between Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0?’.

This month we also published two interview articles – ‘Transitioning Into The Digitization Era of Manufacturing’ with Marc Soucy President of Innovmetric exploring how the digitization of manufacturing will impact measurement processes, access to and utilization of actionable data, and the future role of ‘part digital twins’; and ‘Manufacturing Metrology Drives High-Speed Inline Gage Measurement Machines’ with Pete Edmonds Vice President Sales DWFritz Zero Touch exploring how inline metrology will become the only option for production with data being communicated in real-time to processes upstream.

In what was a very busy month well over 100 articles were published in June with the magazine below highlighting a selection of published stories. The complete library of June articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with guest articles – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing EditorTransitioning Into The Digitalization Era of Manufacturing

Metrology News recently sat down with Marc Soucy President of Innovmetric, developer of the Polyworks software platform, for a discussion on how the digitization of manufacturing will impact measurement processes, access to and utilization of actionable data, the future role of ‘part digital twins’ along with adaption … read more

iFACTORY Brings The ‘Industrial Metaverse’ To Life

The BMW Group has expanded its production footprint in China with the opening of Plant Lydia in Shenyang, China. This major expansion of the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) production base is a latest example of the BMW iFACTORY strategy, and sets new standards in future oriented vehicle manufacturing in the era of … read more

How Autonomous Will Production Be in 2030?

How much autonomy does production tolerate? What are the opportunities and limits of artificial intelligence? What can artificial intelligence do in the production of the future? Where does it make sense and where doesn’t it? If you believe the big buzzword hype around terms like Industry 4.0, the fate of factories is sealed … read more

Automation Accelerates Smart Manufacturing Productivity

Demonstrating that automation is the principal way forward, for manufacturing industry to overcome current labour shortages, crowds of manufacturing engineers descended on the recent AUTOMATE show in Detroit. fter visiting a couple of European shows already this year, with attendance significantly down on pre-Covid levels … read more

End-of-Line Gap & Flush Measurement For Vehicle Quality

Building on the recent launch by Nikon Metrology of the APDIS Laser Radar, which is helping to drive a paradigm shift in automotive body-shop measurement and quality control, the company has announced the launch of its APDIS Gap & Flush System. It introduces a unique, innovative, fully automated method … read more

Why LADAR Is Entering The World of Coordinate Metrology

As industries around the world work to make their process and products not only automated but autonomous, there has been an explosion in the use of Detection and Ranging systems over the last 20 years. Detection and Ranging systems date back to RADAR systems developed during World War II … read more

New Ultra-Long-Range Laser Tracker Platform With Wireless Handheld Probe Launches

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 and accompanying B-Probeplus, the company’s latest 3D laser tracker system. Succeeding the hugely successful AT400 series, the new AT500 platform brings improved performance to both reflector and probing measurement … read more

Enhanced Software Platform for Dimensional Control of Industrial Robots Released

INSPHERE has announced the latest version of its powerful ORA software platform that simplifies the integration of dimensional coordinate data with industrial robots to improve alignment, accuracy and process control of automated production.ORA works as part of the IONA system, the flagship INSPHERE product … read more

Quality Assurance Transitions from Measurement to Manufacturing Intelligence

Ready for a metrology revolution on the shop floor? By putting intelligence inside scanning systems and their associated software, shop floor personnel can operate a scanner after watching a few training videos. New CT systems operate with not much more complexity. A metrology technology explosion has occurred … read more

Embedded Metrology Drives High Speed Inline Gage Measurement Machines

Metrology News recently sat down with Pete Edmonds – Vice President Sales DWFritz Zero Touch for a discussion on its industrial metrology market and product strategy. Q: Until the announcement of DWFritz being acquired by Sandvik most of our readers had never heard of the company. Can you provide a little background … read more

3D Laser Scanning To Digitalise All BMW Vehicle Manufacturing Plants

By early 2023, the BMW Group will have a digital scan of every one of its vehicle plants worldwide. In this way, the company is systematically merging the real and virtual worlds and tapping into the enormous potential for highly efficient planning of future plant structures and production facilities … read more

Creaform Extends Collaboration With Robotic Metrology Automation

Creaform has announced the release of its new VXscan-R software module for the VXelements 10 platform. This latest version now offers an advanced compatibility with a wider range of robots, including collaborative, all of which take simplicity and ease of use to the next level while increasing quality control productivity … read more

Hand Held Probe Benchtop CMM Launched

Keyence has released its XM- 5000 portable hand held probe benchtop CMM offering high-accuracy measurement over a large measuring volume – on or off the system table. Keyence describes the XM-5000 CMM system as easy-to-use as calipers, performing complex measurements and capable of being used anywhere … read more

CAD2SCAN Simplifies Robotic Visual Inspection

Smart visual inspection company has significantly simplified the setup of robotic vision inspection systems with its CAD2SCAN CAD-based automated inspection planning tool. CAD2SCAN is the latest feature of the Kitov Smart Planner. By combining CAD2SCAN with Kitov’s Smart Visual Inspection … read more

Renishaw and ZEISS Cooperate on Flexible Production Inspection Cells

Renishaw’s Equator gauging system for flexible workpiece inspection is now compatible with ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software. ZEISS users will be able to operate the Equator gauging system in their familiar environment and integrate it into their production process … read more

Ultra-Fast Next-Generation Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner Launched

Hexagon AB, a  leader in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, has announced the introduction of the all new, next-generation Leica BLK360, which dramatically advances reality capture by delivering two of the most sought-after necessities: speed and efficiency … read more

Time to Close the Gap Between Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0.?

Quality 4.0 must be a significant contributor to the Industry 4.0 revolution happening in manufacturing, however, right now there is a significant gap between the two. The risk for the quality industry not closing, or at least not tightening the gap will have a negative impact on the entire manufacturing industry … read more

MEMS Based 3D Camera For Industrial Measurement Applications Launches

Saccade Vision will launch its Saccade-MD feature-based 3D camera for industrial measurement applications at upcoming Automatica 2022 expo in Munich, Germany.  Saccade-MD is a novel imaging solution that overcomes some key limitations present in traditional 2D and 3D imaging technologies … read more

Just ‘Aim and Scan’ With New Targetless Portable Laser Scanner

Having made its debut at Control 2022, Metronor has released its new scanner, the M-Scan 120. This next-generation handheld 3D scanner provides a new level of scanning performance and convenience. Partnering with Nikon Metrology the new scannerthe new scanner combines the best of both worlds … read more

Roboception Introduces High-Resolution 3D Stereo Sensor

Roboception GmbH has expanded its range of high-performance sensors for industrial 3D image processing in robotics by adding the rc_viscore high-resolution 3D stereo sensor to its product portfolio. The rc_viscore delivers an image resolution of 12 MPand hence generates a very detailed point cloud … read more

Creaform Adds High-Performance Scanners to HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series

Creaform has announced the launch of two scanners with great price-performance ratios as part of its HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series solution suite. The new HandySCAN 307|Elite and HandySCAN 700|Elite, with blue laser technology, offer additional options for SMEs that are looking to leverage the performance of 3D scanning … read more

‘Industrial Quality Solutions’ Signifies More than Just a Name Change for ZEISS

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC will change their legal name to Carl Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions, LLC on July 1, 2022, to reflect the growth and development of the company. With the acquisition of several companies in recent years and the continued development of advanced technologies … read more

New Edge Capabilities Brings Deep Learning to the Factory Floor

Landing AI has announced the launch of LandingEdge, a new deployment application within the company’s platform, LandingLens. With LandingEdge, manufacturers will more easily deploy deep learning visual inspection solutions to edge devices on the factory floor to better and more consistently detect product defects … read more

5 Axis 3D Scanning Machine To Perform Production Measurements

A new development for the fully automated 3D measurement of parts is launching at the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid in Germany on 14th and 15th June 2022. The D3-Inspect 300 fully automated inspection solution uses structured light 3D scanning technology and is aimed at the automated quality control … read more

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