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3D Camera with Micron-Level Inspection and Measurement Accuracy

Mech-Mind Robotics recently announced the official release of Mech-Eye UHP-140, its all-new industrial 3D camera with micron-level accuracy. Mech-Eye UHP-140 is specially designed for demanding inspection and measurement applications in automotive and other industries. It can be used to inspect or measure position, gap, and segment difference in auto parts manufacturing and assembly processes.

Combing with the advanced self-developed optical technology and intelligent algorithms, Mech-Eye UHP-140 features micron-level accuracy. It can deliver outstandingly high-quality 3D images even for polished, shiny, and highly reflective parts.

It doesn’t matter when it comes to complex parts, material variation, glossy paint with high brightness, and reflective metal parts that may cause severe interferences for optical inspection performance. Mech-Eye UHP-140 can cope with the above challenges, expand the quality inspection & monitoring capacity, and help automotive and other industries achieve high-quality manufacturing.

The sensor features an all-new image fusion algorithm that effectively reduces blind Spots and delivers outstanding 3D Images With the advanced image fusion algorithm, Mech-Eye UHP-140 can effectively fill the blind spots of the monocular camera and generate detailed and accurate point cloud data for parts even with subtle visual blind spots.

In inspection and measurement applications of the automotive industry, even the subtlest errors can affect the precision execution of assembly. Take round holes, the most common positioning holes in the body assembly, as an example. Round holes create chamfers during the machining process, and the chamfers on their edges are in the visual blind zone (the width usually ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm), which poses a challenge for traditional cameras to provide complete and clear images.

The sensor also features a next-generation anti-reflection 3D reconstruction algorithm to avoid missing or defective point clouds of complex-shaped and reflective parts. For various highly reflective dented parts and metal parts that are easy to scatter light, the traditional algorithm can solve the problem of high surface brightness by adjusting the exposure parameters and capturing from multiple angles. But still, it is often difficult to find the right angle for complex-shaped and reflective parts to take clear images.

The Mech-Eye UHP-140, which adopts the advanced anti-reflection 3D reconstruction algorithm, can effectively suppress the interference caused by complex-shaped parts and strong reflections, guaranteeing high-quality point cloud data output. Mech-Eye UHP-140 can better handle complex parts, material variation, and other sophisticated situations in automotive inspection and measurement applications.

Mech-Eye UHP-140 accuracy reaches 0.03 mm (VDI/VDE 2634 Part II standard). The 2.6 μm point Z repeatability (σ) and the 0.09 μm region Z repeatability (σ) ensure Mech-Eye UHP-140 can output ultra-high precision inspection and measurement results with a fulfilling scanning speed and high-quality imaging that meet the actual demands.

Mech-Eye UHP-140 is compact and lightweight and is suitable to be installed at the end of the robot arm to handle inspection and measurement problems in automotive parts manufacturing and assembly with high flexibility. Mech-Eye UHP-140 provides multi-language and multi-platform SDK options and an open interface for easier deployment. It integrates with Mech-Vision graphical machine vision software and Mech-Viz robot intelligent programming environment to easily and quickly deploy various inspection and measurement applications.

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