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Renishaw and ZEISS Cooperate on Flexible Production Inspection Cells

Renishaw’s Equator gauging system for flexible workpiece inspection is now compatible with ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software. ZEISS users will be able to operate the Equator gauging system in their familiar environment and integrate it seamlessly into their production process.

Technology companies Renishaw and ZEISS recently reached an agreement to jointly advance flexible workpiece inspection: Renishaw’s Equator gauging system can now also be operated with ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software – an efficiency gain for all ZEISS customers. The integration, training and support of the hardware and software are carried out jointly by both companies.

Flexible Workpiece Inspection Offers Added Value

“Inspection systems such as calipers or gauges have always been used to control processes in manufacturing, but they are usually only designed to inspect a single workpiece variant. As manufacturing technology advances, so does the demand for new methods of process control,” says Rainer Lotz, President of Renishaw, EMEA. “The Equator gauging system enables process monitoring via highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, and most importantly, reprogrammable measurements in a manufacturing environment. For these reasons, many manufacturing companies around the world are already replacing their current test equipment and gauges, with our Equator gauging systems.”

ZEISS CALYPSO – An Established Platform For All Measurement Tasks

“The comprehensive and globally established ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software already offers our customers one of the most powerful and user-friendly solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks,” says Christoph Grieser, responsible for Software Sales in Metrology at ZEISS. “With integration of the Equator system, production-related data from ZEISS CALYPSO can be used efficiently for process control and optimisation. This not only eliminates the operating costs of additional software packages, for which separate training would be necessary, but also expands the functional range of our software in a familiar environment.”

“The cooperation with ZEISS is a relevant response to the increased importance and flexibility of production-related workpiece inspection. Therefore, the easier integration of the Equator system will lead to more productivity in manufacturing for many users,” adds Rainer Lotz.

Open Interface as a Long-Standing Strategy

The collaboration with ZEISS is a further step for Renishaw to gradually open up the Equator gauging system to third-party software manufacturers. The global team has so far made the Equator system compatible with the following measurement software platforms: CAPPSDMIS (AAT3D), TouchDMIS (COORD3), PC-DMIS (Hexagon), PolyWorks (Innovmetric), CAMIO (LK Metrology), Metrolog X4 (Metrologic), INCA (Inspact3D/Mora), Verisurf, WM Quartis (Wenzel) and ZEISS CALYPSO.

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