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Just ‘Aim and Scan’ With New Targetless Portable Laser Scanner

Having made its debut at Control 2022, Metronor has released its new scanner, the M-Scan 120. This next-generation handheld 3D scanner provides a new level of scanning performance and convenience. Partnering with Nikon Metrology and having integrated their well-known technology, the new scanner combines the best of both worlds – Nikon’s experience in scanning black and white surfaces simultaneously and Metronor’s competence in tracking and navigation.

Like all Metronor products, the M-Scan 120 does not need any stickers or targets to be placed on the part – just aim and scan. There is also no need to spray or treat measurement objects as the blue laser and sensor automatically adjusts to rapidly changing degrees of reflection with high contrast, highly absorbent coatings, almost mirrored surfaces, and almost transparent materials.

The system continues to use Metronor’s approach of bringing the measurement equipment to the part and adapting the setup to different part sizes and measurement tasks. Accurate, large-volume, target-free measurement is easy with the M-Scan 120, achieving better than 100-micron absolute accuracy over a complete car body utilizing Metronor’s brand new Multi-camera solution. The M-Scan 120 is excellent for car body prototyping and inline inspection applications.

The M-Scan 120 is highly portable, has an ergonomic handle, and is lightweight due to its carbon fiber frame weighing just1.2kg (2.65lbs).

To maximize return on investment for the customer, Metronor scanning systems also include probing capabilities using the Lightpen devices. The combined system provides the broad range of 3D measurement options making it ideal for a wide variety of measurement tasks.

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