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Hand Held Probe Benchtop CMM Launched

Keyence has released its XM- 5000 portable hand held probe benchtop CMM offering high-accuracy measurement over a large measuring volume – on or off the system table.

Keyence describes the XM-5000 CMM system as easy-to-use as calipers, performing complex measurements and capable of being used anywhere. The measuring system adopts a new concept with a tracking camera that captures near-infrared light emitted by seven markers embedded on the hand-held measuring probe. The probe search camera also enables measurement over a wide-area by constantly tracking the light emitted by the probe to instantly detect the probe position anywhere within the wide measurement area.

The tracking camera tracks the probe to identify its position and orientation with high accuracy. The camera unit moves to ensure the marker is always captured from the center of the lens for measurement with the highest possible accuracy. Measuring system repeatability is quoted at 3 microns. The camera can rotate up to 40 degrees in both directions and up to +/- 25 degrees vertically enabling part measurement over a wide area of up to 2 metres. ISO 10360-2 accuracy is quoted as 7 + 9L/1000 µm over the measuring volume of 800 x 400 x 500 mm.

Wireless Probe With Touch Sensor

The flexible-grip wireless probe, with touch sensor, offers intuitive, accurate measurement. As long as the probe is within the camera’s field of view, measurement locations can be approached from any angle. The probe can be used to measure the top surface of parts, horizontal or angled holes, and the rear with no part adjustment.

The built-in touch sensor is specially designed to activate when a certain amount of contact pressure is applied. This prevents variations due to contact pressure.

Wireless LAN connectivity makes it possible to use the probe in any setting without fussing with cables. The handheld grip can be rotated 90 degrees allowing for a more comfortable hold while the angle of the markers can be adjusted to face the camera.

A camera imbedded into the wireless probe allows parts images to be taken dynamically providing image-based measurement results
for easy visualization with measurements overlay.

Accurate Measurement Even With Temperature Changes

The XM-5000 includes a temperature compensation function that ensures measurement targets are measured under the same conditions, just like a climate-controlled measuring room, even if the ambient temperature is not constant. Users simply select the current temperature and the material, and the device will automatically compensate for the standard temperature dimensions.

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