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Updated Smart Metrology Software Enables Closed Loop Manufacturing

Applied Automation Technology (AAT) has announced the latest version of its CAPPS metrology software. CAPPS 2024 combines the powerful metrology capabilities of the current version with improved robust graphics and user interface providing enhanced usability and navigation experience.

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Tech Soft 3D Introduces HOOPS Luminate for Advanced Desktop Rendering

Tech Soft 3D has announced the launch of HOOPS Luminate, a new graphics SDK for photo-realistic and advanced real-time rendering. HOOPS Luminate equips developers with a comprehensive set of tools and features that empower them to create visually stunning and interactive 3D applications across different platforms and industries and bring them to market faster.

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Complying With Quality Assurance Standard For CAD Model Translation

CAD translation validation has become an industry-wide requirement for commercial aircraft subcontract manufacturing via the Boeing DPD (digital product definition) D6-51991 standard. While translation validation software applications have other benefits and uses, the need for this quality control requirement remains mostly driven by the need for safety of flight for passenger carrying aircraft.

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