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CMM Manager Software Adds Automation Interface To Latest Version

QxSoft has recently released the latest version of its CMM-Manager software. The latest release includes 30+ customer specific enhancements, added support for Renishaw Equator Gauging System, support for API Radian Laser Tracker, new automation software, graphical reporting updates, and more.

Notable Enhancements

➤ Renishaw Equator gauging system – provides an ‘easy to use’ software option verses the traditional DMIS based solution.

➤ API Radian Laser Tracker – Supported probes include traditional SMRs as well as vProbe handheld system.

➤ Automation Software – Easily interface CMM-Manager equipped measuring instrument into a manufacturing cell or industrial robot for ‘lights out’ operation.

➤ Graphical Reporting – greater customization including display of User Notes, Best-Fit results, and VB Variable(s)

➤ UI Improvements – simplified measurement UI, high contrast report preview, automatically verify features, resizable tiles in Client Monitor App.

The new Automation Software provides simple yet powerful automation integration with CMM-Manager providing an intuitive UI for configuration, testing and operation. The software allows for a maximum of 255 programs and supported Modbus TCP/IP Server, Modbus TCP/IP Client (Generic, Fanuc, Siemens) and Socket TCP/IP Client protocols.

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