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Verisurf Expands Software Features Including Direct Access to Kubotek Kosmos CAD Validation Software

Verisurf Software has announced that its popular integrated CAD/CAM translation and validation software, VALIDATE, now includes direct access to an enhanced standalone version of Kubotek Kosmos Validate software.  The two companies have worked together since 2011 and created the Verisurf VALIDATE module that works within Verisurf and supports CAD/CAM translation validation for customers needing to meet Boeing Standard D6-51991. Kubotek Kosmos maintains an expanded version of the software with added features and bi-directional compatibility between all popular CAD/CAM software programs and file transfer protocols, which is now accessible directly to Verisurf VALIDATE customers.

Leading manufacturers continue to move their supply chains toward 3D Model-Based Definition (MBD) to reduce errors and avoid manual data re-entry introduced by the traditional drawing-based communication processes. In an MBD process, the original 3D model, and not a secondary drawing, is the authority dataset to which all manufacturing is verified against. To ensure critical data is not lost or altered as it moves into specialized manufacturing and quality verification software, OEM quality assurance systems commonly require suppliers to document validation of all translations. This is typically part of established Product Acceptance Software (PAS) requirements put in place by OEMs, for example, Boeing Standard D6-51991 Rev N Section 3.

“File translation and validation is an important process and documentation point for our aerospace customers. To date, VALIDATE has only been accessible through the Verisurf user experience. Now, Verisurf VALIDATE customers can access a standalone version of the software from Kubotek Kosmos to validate files directly between CAD/CAM platforms or through file transfer protocols. This validates the digital thread while maintaining continuity,” said Nick Merrell, Executive Vice President of Verisurf Software, Inc.

Efficient and accurate translation of all CAD/CAM data is critical to maintaining a digital thread in manufacturing.  Verisurf is the only measurement, reverse engineering, and inspection software built on a full-featured 3D CAD/CAM platform with intelligent Model-Based Definition (MBD). This ensures data integrity and enables users to perform metrology workflows in a seamless CAD environment while maintaining model-based digital continuity. Verisurf software is compatible with all CAD file formats, and the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI) communicates with all 3D measurement devices for universal compatibility. Verisurf’s modular design enables users to quickly shift from reverse engineering to inspection to tool building, efficiently capturing and processing measurement data for all 3D metrology applications with repeatable process control across the manufacturing enterprise.

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