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Digital Work Instructions Software Tool Helps Overcome Skills Shortages

Digital instructions help to overcome a wide range of challenges in the day-to-day operations of manufacturing companies. As a worker assistance system, the tepcon instructor is also part of a strategy for dealing with issues relating to the shortage of skilled workers.

SMEs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors in particular have been under increasing pressure for years. In addition to the generally tense situation, characterized by rising energy prices, weak demand and a lack of investment, there is a shortage of both qualified specialists and workers in general in almost all sectors. In order to hold their own in the face of growing competition, companies need strategies and technical solutions that can help them to increase the efficiency of production processes while maintaining at least the same level of quality, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs and at the same time effectively speed up the training and instruction of even unqualified workers. The tepcon instructor, a system for the simple creation of digital instructions, offers a wide range of options for permanently securing specialist know-how in the form of operating, assembly and service instructions within the company and making it easily accessible.

Tepcon Instructor Supports Predictive Maintenance

Experts estimate that maintenance and repair costs in industry account for 25 to 30 percent of total operating costs. Despite their high level, these costs are justified above all by comparing them with the costs of downtime. Modern strategies, such as the principle of predictive maintenance, therefore aim above all to keep these downtimes as short as possible and, where possible, to avoid downtime altogether. However, this requires the necessary expertise in all associated processes. Especially if these are to be covered by the company’s own personnel resources wherever possible and external services are to be avoided for cost reasons, all tasks must be reliably documented and available for current and future managers.

The tepcon instructor offers companies the opportunity to create multimedia step-by-step instructions. Without extensive prior knowledge, those responsible can capture individual work steps, manual operations and the tools required in images and videos, visualize them with symbols and link them to further information using associated documents. QR codes on machines and systems are used to easily assign the appropriate instructions, which can be created and accessed directly on site as a browser-based cloud solution using mobile devices.

Tepcon Instructor: The Digital Specialist

There is an urgent shortage of skilled workers in all sectors of industry. In addition, staff turnover in sectors such as manufacturing, maintenance and repair or construction has been rising steadily in recent years. This is accompanied by the effort that companies have to make to train new employees and qualify them for the tasks assigned to them. Given the generally tight staffing levels, this is an additional burden. Added to this is the expected generational loss of a large number of skilled workers over the next few years, with which companies will not only lose manpower, but above all expertise that cannot always be seamlessly transferred to new employees.

With the help of the tepcon instructor , knowledge and skills acquired over many years in handling machines and systems can be permanently secured. Specialists have the opportunity to document processes in detail without additional skills and with little effort, and to create instructions based on individual experience, with the help of which future employees can take on tasks independently and master them successfully.

“Digital worker guidance based on the tepcon instructor offers reliable solutions for elementary challenges of the present and the future in the manufacturing and processing industry as well as in the construction industry and other service sectors,” says Christoph Kluge, Managing Director of tepcon GmbH. “Know-how for daily tasks and processes in maintenance, repair and servicing is no longer tied to individuals or stored in documentation that is far removed from practice, but is recorded directly on the object, during the process and can be permanently retrieved and made available in the company in an easily comprehensible manner.”

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