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Compact Distance Sensor Offers 60m Measuring Range With Pulse Ranging Technology

The trend toward miniaturization continues, creating demand for increasingly powerful sensors with more compact housing dimensions. To keep up with this trend, the time-of-flight principle of measurement has been integrated into the Pepperl+Fuchs R20x compact housing design, combining precise and rugged long-distance measurement technology for areas where space is very limited.

Today’s automation functions place ever greater demands on the performance of the sensors used while simultaneously reducing the occupied space. The new R200 distance sensor with Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) satisfies this market trend exactly. In the compact housing of the R200 series, the optical sensor achieves detection ranges of up to 10 m on white objects and up to 60 m in combination with a reflector. It always outputs a rugged distance signal and maintains a repeat accuracy of up to 3 mm. Featuring an integrated IO-Link interface in the latest version V1.1.3, this sensor is also ideally suited for future Industry 4.0 applications.

Pulse Ranging Technology is a method developed by Pepperl+Fuchs that allows even large distances to be measured with high precision. The technology is based onshort laser pulses emitted by a powerful light source. A light-sensitive receiver element in the sensor detects the light pulses reflected by the object. The distance to the object is calculated precisely by directly measuring the time of flight of the light. The high energy density of the laser pulses enables long ranges to be achieved and interference to be effectively suppressed. PRT sensors offer maximum precision in distance measurement—even in demanding environments.

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