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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 29th April

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Industry 4.0 Quality Control Platform Combines CAD Data With Measurement Data

Today’s production processes are ever more time sensitive on delivery, require significant flexibility for last minute changes, and at the same time are seeing ever increasing demands on quality control and process interaction from stake holders on site or remote … read more

Automated EV Battery Weld Seam Inspection Uses 3D Laser Line Scanning Sensors

An innovation leader in automotive lightweight construction, Waldaschaff Automotive is meeting the complex challenges in subassembly with cutting-edge solutions from SmartRay. The manufacturing process for high-voltage battery housings is challenging due to the size of the housing, and the process steps required to combine … read more

Creaform Elevates Portable 3D Scanning Capabilities with Enhanced HandySCAN 3D

Creaform, worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, unveils its next-generation scanners with the introduction of the HandySCAN BLACK+|Elite, and the complete redesigned of the HandySCAN SILVER and HandySCAN SILVER|Elite. The latest iterations of the BLACK and SILVER promise … read more

Hexagon Partners With Microsoft To Redefine Manufacturing With Cloud Technology

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which aims to redefine how engineers collaborate and enable the discrete manufacturing industry to innovate faster, with more confidence, and with new solutions that combine data from virtual engineering processes with real-world measurement of manufactured products … read more

How Robotic Inspection Can Resolve 3D Quality Control Challenges

When it comes to improving inspection processes in manufacturing, deploying robots to help is becoming more and more of a reality today. In the manufacturing industry, typical applications of industrial robots include product assembly, welding, painting, product inspection, testing, packaging and labelling, etc … read more

Optical 3D Metrology Provides Closed-Loop ‘Edge Rounding’

The GrindingHub will take place in Stuttgart from 14-17 May. Bruker Alicona will be exhibiting for the first time alongside with Nagel Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik, the world’s leading specialist in honing and superfinishing technology, to present the automated NaPrep cutting edge preparation cell … read more

Latest Volume Graphics Release Provides Holistic Scan Data Analysis and Visualization

The widespread digitation of manufacturing is enabling companies to make products faster. As a result, the physical inspection of finished goods, based on Computed Tomography (CT) and other industrial product-scanning technologies, has taken on even more importance. As the digital product-development pathway has become increasingly sophisticated, ease-of-use of the accompanying … read more

Productive Machines Delivers SenseNC SaaS Autonomous Machine Tool Optimization

Productive Machines, a provider of autonomous machine tool optimization technology, has announced it has made its core technology available in a fully automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Productive Machines’ pioneering SenseNC Finesse software is the world’s first to provide automated optimization of all milling operations, enabling manufacturers to set up each … read more

The Best of Two Worlds – The Porsche Hybrid Design Process

Innovative software, from the gaming sector, for instance, supports Style Porsche during the design process. But even in the age of digitalisation, the design department of the sports car manufacturer still values the design quality of classic sketches and labour-intensive clay models very highly. Along the path from vision to … read more

Free Download Book Demystifies Metrology Decision Rules

A trio of metrology industry veterans with over 100 years of experience have co-authored a book titled “Decision Rule Guidance, 1st Edition 2024,” available for free download. The book, co-authored by Henry Zumbrun of Morehouse Instrument Company, Greg Cenker of Indysoft, and Dilip Shah of E = mc3 Solutions, offers foundational knowledge … read more

3D Profiling Scanner Offers WARP Speed Due To Proprietary Sensor Chip

Automation Technology (AT) has announced it recently developed its own sensor chip that makes the AT 3D sensors the fastest in the world in terms of their combination of resolution and speed. The reason for the extremely fast 3D scans … read more

Onto Innovation Debuts Sub-Surface Defect Inspection for Advanced Packaging

Onto Innovation has announced the release of a new sub-surface inspection capability for the Dragonfly G3 sub-micron 2D/3D inspection and metrology platform. The new capability enables whole wafer inspection for critical yield impacting defects that can lead to lost die as well as entire wafers breaking in subsequent process steps … read more

Exploring the World of Radiography – With a Focus on Film

Radiographic film plays a role in many industries, especially in industrial testing. However, despite its critical importance, there are significant challenges that professionals face in harnessing its full potential. Challenges range from outdated technologies hindering accurate diagnostics to prolonged radiation exposure … read more

Partnership To Enhance Microscopy Imaging Quality Control

ZEISS and Argolight have announced their strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge quality control solutions of the French company into the extensive line of ZEISS microscopes. This will enable users to accurately measure and assess the performance of their microscopy systems … read more